6 Children’s Books set in Ecuador

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Children's Book set in Ecuador


Lying on the equator, Ecuador is a South American country bordered by Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Coastline.

It is the most biodiverse country in the world and features many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, most famously the Galápagos Islands. Apart from the Islands, Ecuador’s diverse landscape also encompasses the Amazon jungle, the Andean highlands and the world’s highest active volcano.

Teach your children about this fascinating country with these children’s books set in Ecuador:

6 Children’s Books set in Ecuador

We’re Sailing to Galapagos
by Laurie Krebs

Children's Books set in Ecuador: We're sailing to Galapagos

“We’re sailing to Galapagos. I wonder who we’ll see”. With repetitive rhyme and bright illustrations We’re Sailing to Galapagos takes young readers on a tour of the Galapagos Islands. Each day of the week a new animal is introduced, from giant tortoises to iguanas and lava crabs. Children learn fascinating facts about Charles Darwin, the Islands and the animals that live there.  ~ Preschool

Roses for Isabella
by Diana Cohn & Lynn Lohr

Children's Books set in Ecuador: Roses for Isabella

Isabella’s teacher asks the children to write a story that honours Pachamama, our Mother Earth. Isabella wants to write abut the rose farm where her parents work. Her teacher tells her it is good to see what you write about, so together they visit the farm. Roses for Isabella is a sweet story, complemented by colourful illustrations. ~ Elementary School

Tuki and Moka: A Tale of Two Tamarins
by Judy Young

Children's Books set in Ecuador: Tuki and Moka

Each month Eduardo and his father travel by river from their town to the rainforest. They are castañeros who gather Brazil nuts with a machete. Despite the hard work Eduardo looks forward to those trips because he gets to play with Tuki and Moka, two friendly tamarinds. When poachers arrive in the rain forest, Eduardo is determined to save his friends. Kids everywhere will love the suspenseful story and expressive illustrations! ~ Elementary School

Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure
by Carolyn Lunn

Children's Books set in Ecuador: Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure

Follow Tomas on his dream journey to explore the ocean and beach of one of the Galapagos Islands. He rides a green sea turtle, has lunch with pirates and escapes from a volcano eruption. Tomas and the Galapagos Adventure is a fun story that awakens the imagination. ~ Elementary School

Looking For Something
by Ann Nolan Clark

Children's Books set in Ecuador: Looking for Something

Published in 1952, Looking For Something is a timeless classic. A little donkey longs to belong and travels from his farm in Ecuador to the big cities in search of the elusive something. The gorgeous full colour and black & white Illustrations by Caldecott medalist Leo Politi bring the charming story alive. ~ Elementary School

Ecuador (Enchantment of the World)
by JoAnn Milivojevic

Children's Books set in Ecuador: Ecuador

Part of the Enchantment of the World series, this informative and comprehensive book takes young readers on a tour of the country. Engaging text, full-colour photos and maps, timelines and charts make Ecuador an appealing read for older children. ~ Middle School

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    Excellent book choices! I love learning about different cultures through children books!

  2. Katie Logonauts
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    Thanks for these and for sharing with #diversekidlit! I love the Enchantment of the World series – they do such a nice job of providing comprehensive information in a kid-friendly way. The rest of these are new to me. Can’t wait to check them out!

    • Colours of Us

      Glad to have inspired you 🙂

  3. Jane @ Raincity Librarian
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    What a great resource! Sadly I know very little about Ecuadorian culture, so this is a great introduction for adult readers as well as little ones! Thanks for sharing this – I love the fact that great books allow us to explore the world from the comfort of our own homes. 🙂

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