9 Children’s Books About The Hindu Spring Festival Holi

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Children's Books about Holi


Also known as the festival of colours, Holi is a joyful Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, the victory of good over evil, friendship and forgiveness. Families, friends and neighbours get together, eat, laugh, sing and throw beautiful coloured powders on each other.

Teach children about this fun tradition with these colourful children’s books about Holi!


9 Children’s Books About The Hindu Spring Festival Holi

Babies & Toddlers

Holi Colors
by Rina Singh

Children's Books about Holi: Holi Colors

Experience Holi with every colour of the rainbow! With vibrant photographs and playful rhymes, Holi Colors is a beautiful concept book that introduces the festival of colours to the littlest readers. ~ Asian – Babies & Toddlers

Celebrate Holi With Me! (From The Toddler Diaries)
by Shoumi Sen

Children's Books about Holi: Celebrate Holi With Me!

Follow Riya and her friends as they celebrate the festival of colours! Part of the From The Toddler Diaries series, Celebrate Holi With Me! teaches little ones the story of Prahlad and why Holi is celebrated with rhyming text and vivid illustrations. ~ Asian – Babies & Toddlers



Amma Tell Me About Holi!
by Bhakti Mathur

Children's Books about Holi: Amma Tell Me About Holi

“Come let’s hear the magical story, / Of Holi in all its vibrant glory / As told to Klaka, an eager little boy, / By his Amma, with dollops of joy.” With captivating rhyme and vivid illustrations, Amma Tell Me About Holi! introduces preschool children to the Hindu festival of colours and the mythology behind it in a fun way. ~ Asian – Preschool

Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival
by Shweta Aggarwal

Children's Books about Holi: Dev and Ollie

Dev and Ollie have just arrived in India to enjoy the amazing Hindu festival of Holi. But Dev doesn’t like getting mucky! Will Ollie, his bedtime magical owl, be able to change Dev’s mind? Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival is a sweet story that preschool children will love. ~ Asian – Preschool

Why do we celebrate Holi?
by Anita Rathod

Children's Books about Holi: Why Do We Celebrate Holi

Join Preeti as she learns the story behind Holi from her grandmother and celebrates the festival of colours with her friends and family! Why Do We Celebrate Holi? explores the meaning and customs behind the festival of colours embedded in a story that will appeal to children. ~ Asian – Preschool





Festival of Colors
by Surishtha & Kabir Seghal

Children's Books about Holi: Festival Of Colors

“Guavas are ripening. Lotuses are blooming. / And Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors is almost here.” Festival of Colors follows siblings Mintoo and Chintoo as they gather flowers to make colourful powders for the vibrant celebration of fresh starts, friendship, forgiveness, and fun. ~ Asian – Preschool

It’s Time for Holi!
by Amita Roy Shah

Children's Books about Holi: It's Time For Holi!

It’s Time For Holi! begins during winter with a young boy who can’t wait for spring to arrive and with it the festival of Holi. When the day finally arrives, he explores the different colours of the powders and relates them to what he sees happening in nature during springtime. ~ Asian – Preschool





Elementary School

Holi, the Festival of Colors (Shalu)
by Nick Sharma

Children's Books about Holi: Holi, the Festival of Colors

Shalu tries to befriend Preeya, a new girl in school, and soon finds that they are different in many ways: Shalu likes blue, Preeya likes red. Shalu likes the sun, Preeya likes the moon. Shalu likes sweet things, Preeya likes sour. Can they be friends even if they are so different? Follow Shalu and Preeya as they learn the meaning of friendship during Holi, The Festival of Colors. ~ Asian – Elementary School

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Let’s Celebrate Holi! (Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Series, Book 3)
by Ajanta Chakraborty & Vivek Kumar

Children's Books about Holi: Let's Celebrate Holi!

Join Maya, Neel and their pet squirrel, Chintu, as they visit their cousin Ameya in India to celebrate Holi! Let’s Celebrate Holi! teaches young readers about the history, food, language and culture of Holi. Includes pronunciation guide and pictorial summary of Holi. ~ Asian – Elementary School

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