NEW Multicultural Children’s & YA Books February 2024

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NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024


Time for our list of new multicultural children’s & YA books for February 2024! Our favourites this month are This Baby.That Baby. (Babies & Toddlers), The Blue Pickup (Preschool), Best Believe (Elementary School), Drawing Deena (Middle School), and Bunt!(High School). Enjoy browsing!

NEW Multicultural Children’s & YA Books February 2024

Babies & Toddlers

This Baby. That Baby.
by Cari Best

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

“Somewhere in the big, big city / two happy babies look out their morning windows / at the very same time.” Just what will these two babies do today? Well, this baby meows like his cat, and that baby barks like her dog. This mellow baby listens to a story, and that rambunctious baby sings a song. Soon enough, both babies get hungry…and a bit cranky. How will this Mama and that Papa help them feel better? Perhaps a play date in the park will help! This Baby. That Baby is a delightful read-aloud that will have little listeners clapping and giggling right alongside this baby and that baby. ~ Diverse – Babies & Toddlers

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It’s Time to Hush and Say Good Night
by Chitra Soundar

Travel a lush dreamscape world as a father lulls his toddler towards sleep, weaving a quilt of dreams across the roaring seas and through the inky night – and dealing with some big toddler emotions en route. Sumptuously illustrated and infused with the spirit and flora and fauna of India, It’s Time To Hush And Say Good Night is a dream-ride of a bedtime book. ~ Asian – Babies & Toddlers

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You Are Part of the Wonder
by Ruth Doyle

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

“There’s a bird outside your window / with a song that’s full of sky, / and it wonders why you stay inside / when you are free to fly?” Meditative and enchanting, You Are Part Of The Wonder is a beautifully illustrated picture book that encourages young readers to explore, connect, and find wonder in nature. A tranquil celebration of nature, mindfulness, and joy. ~ Diverse – Preschool

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Dear Muslim Child
by Rahma Rodaah

“Dear Muslim Child, your story matters”. With expressive illustrations, this inspirational picture book from the author of Dear Black Child encourages Muslim children all over the world to take joy and pride in their Islamic faith. and traditions. Perfect for fans of In My Mosque and The Proudest Blue. ~ Diverse – Preschool

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The Last Stand
by Antwan Eady

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Saturday is for harvesting. And one little boy is excited to work alongside his Papa as they collect eggs, plums, peppers and pumpkins to sell at their stand in the farmer’s market. Of course, it’s more than a farmer’s market. Papa knows each customer’s order, from Ms. Rosa’s pumpkins to Mr. Johnny’s peppers. And when Papa can’t make it to the stand, his community gathers around him, with dishes made of his own produce. With gorgeous illustrations, The Last Stand is a tender intergenerational story about the importance of family, community, and hope, inspired by the author’s childhood in the rural south.  ~ African – Preschool

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Seoul Food
by Erin Danielle Russell

Hana is faced with a conundrum: what scrumptious dinner should she make for her four grandparents who are all coming for a visit? Her mother tells her to cook what makes her heart happy, so Hana thinks hard. She remembers the savory gumbo that she made with Grandma and Grandpa Williams when she visited them in the South. Then she reminisces about the sweet and spicy stew she made with Halmoni and Harabeoji during her trip to Seoul. Feeling inspired, Hana creates a dish that brings together the best flavours of her two cultures in a mouthwatering new way, and her grandparents couldn’t be prouder. Seoul Food follows a young biracial girl as she joyfully celebrates both her Black and Korean cultures with the irresistible power of food. ~ Diverse – Preschool

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The Gabi That Girma Wore
by Fasika Adefris

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Written in the cadence of The House That Jack Built, this vibrant and lushly illustrated tale pays tribute to the Gabi— a traditional Ethiopian cloth that is used to celebrate both community and culture. From the tiny seed to the fluffy white cotton, from the steady hands of the farmer to the swift fingers of the weaver, from the busy shopkeeper, to a gift for a loved one, follow the journey of the Gabi that Girma wore in this lively and rhythmic tale that’s perfect to read aloud. From seed to harvest, from loom to shop, to a gift for Girma, The Gabi That Girma Wore is a lyrical celebration of weaving, community and culture. ~ African – Preschool

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A Flicker of Hope: A Story of Migration
by Cynthia Harmony

Lucía loves to watch the monarchs’ migration from her home in Mexico with Papá. But this year, the monarchs’ journey north holds extra weight; Papá is heading north, too, to look for work. He promises her that when “the weather turns cold and the monarcas return, our winged ancestors will guide me home.” So while he spends the summer months harvesting produce on faraway farms, Lucía watches the skies for signs of the monarchs’—and her papá’s—return. Told through the parallel stories of the butterflies’ journey and Lucía’s migrant farmer father, A Flicker of Hope is a love letter to the power of families and nature, both of which know no borders. ~ Hispanic – Preschool

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The Blue Pickup
by Natasha Tripplett

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Ju-Girl’s favourite days are the ones spent with Granddad in his garage, fixing cars and hearing stories about his old blue pickup. Granddad used to drive the blue pickup all over the island, bringing happiness to many. And now it just sits in the driveway. One day, Ju-Girl asks Granddad if he’d ever fix it, and he’s unsure at first. But the pair soon finds out just what it takes to restore the memory of the blue pickup and to create new stories along the way. Brought to life with lush illustrations, The Blue Pickup is a heartwarming story about the joy of repairing things with our hands and preserving stories with our hearts. ~ African – Preschool

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Sydney’s Big Speech
by Malcom Newsome

Sydney wants to be a great leader when she grows up. There’s just one problem—when she tries to speak in front of the class, she gets nervous, and the words just won’t come out. Sydney’s journey includes practice; encouragement from her loving dad; and a dose of inspiration from such luminaries as Shirley Chisholm, Carol Moseley Braun, Condoleezza Rice, and Kamala Harris.  Readers will cheer for Sydney as “No, I can’t” changes to “Yes, I can!”. Sydney’s Big Speech is a perfect picture book about perseverance, overcoming challenges, and working hard to achieve your goals. ~ African – Preschool

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Jam, Too?
by JaNay Brown-Wood

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

A drum circle is forming on the beach, and one fascinated child would love to join in. Soon there’s everything from a conga’s pat-a-pat-a, pat pat to some bongos’ taka taka, ta ta—and it looks like so much fun! But what do you do when you don’t have a drum? Well, when you let the music move you, you just might find other ways to jam, too! With lustrous illustrations and rhythmic text. Jam, Too? brings to life the thrill of an impromptu jam session and the joy of making music together. ~ African – Preschool

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Ty’s Travels: Showtime!
by Kelly Starling Lyons

Ty loves playing the instruments, but something’s missing—his friends! With the help of his vivid imagination, Ty and his friends are onstage in a band making great music together. With simple, rhythmic text and joyful, bright art, this Ty’s Travels: Showtime! features basic language, word repetition, and whimsical illustrations, ideal for sharing with emergent readers. ~ African – Preschool

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Elementary School

Miles of Style: Eunice W. Johnson and the Ebony Fashion Fair
by Lisa D. Braithwaite

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Eunice W. Johnson believed in the power of fashion and beauty to inspire people. After she and her husband, John H. Johnson, founded EBONY magazine, it quickly became the premiere lifestyle publication for mid-century Black readers. Among the many hats she wore, Eunice delighted in writing a fashion column describing the latest styles. In 1958, Eunice launched a project that would change fashion forever–the EBONY Fashion Fair. In towns and cities across the United States, Black models walked the runway in the freshest trends that season and Black attendees got to see people who looked like them in bright colors and haute couture. Decades later, Eunice’s name remains a watchword for glamour and elegance in the Black community. Miles of Style celebrates a visionary who used her influence to showcase the strength and beauty of the Black community. ~ African – Elementary School

A Diver Like Me
by Sanaa Chege

Meet Sanaa, a young Black girl who is passionate about honing her diving skills. How does she do it? With a dedicated focus, along with tons of practice and teamwork! Sanaa thinks that diving could become a favorite sport for many young people of color. She hopes that sharing her amazing experiences will help spread the word. A Diver Like Me follows Sanaa and her supportive family members as they enter the exciting world of competitive diving while getting to know other like-minded families. ~ African – Elementary School

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Best Believe: The Tres Hermanas, a Sisterhood for the Common Good
by NoNieqa Ramos

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Meet the Tres Hermanas: Evelina Antonetty, Lillian López, and Elba Cabrera. They moved from Puerto Rico to New York City as children and grew up to become leaders in their Bronx community. Evelina, an activist for social causes, founded United Bronx Parents. Lillian became a librarian and administrator who fought for Spanish and bilingual books and Spanish-speaking library staff. Elba worked closely with Evelina and became an ambassador and advocate for the arts. With rhythmic verse and vibrant illustrations, Best Believe provides a stirring look at three dynamic changemakers. ~Hispanic – Elementary School

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Willis Watson Is a Wannabe

by Carmen Bogan

Gramps says, “When you grow up, Willis Watson, you can be whatever you want to be, if you wanna be. A real somebody!” But the cool guys in third grade tell Willis there are no superheroes in their neighbourhood and hoping to be more than what you see is just “wannabe wack.” But when Willis’s gramps falls ill and he visits him at the hospital, Willis sees real superheroes all around him: Dr. Collins, who helps Gramps get better; the lady who serves hot lunches to kids; and even a courageous navy officer just like Gramps. Seeing so many of his neighbours take care of one another helps Willis finally believe he can be whatever he wants to be, a real somebody. Willis Watson Is A Wannabe is a sweet and empowering picture book about a young boy who discovers there are real, everyday heroes all around him. ~ African – Elementary School

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Not Yet: The Story of an Unstoppable Skater
by Hadley Davis & Zahra Lari

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

After watching an ice-skating movie, young Zahra sets her mind to learn how to ice skate even though her family and friends doubt her abilities. After all, she’s too old to learn, the rink is too cold, and figure skaters don’t look like her… not yet at least! Illustrated with Sara Alfageeh’s energetic lines and colors that pop right off the page, we follow Zahra’s story as she glides across the floors of her house in her socks all the way to the ice rink… and as she repeatedly says ”not yet” to naysayers — including herself — who try to convince her to stop pursuing her dream. An inspiring tale of self-empowerment and perseverance as we see the refrain — not yet — grow from a low, meek mumble to a mantra and promise filled with determination. Not Yet is universal story about courage and determination that is loosely based on the life of five-time Emirati National Champion, Zahra Lari, who was the first figure skater to compete internationally in a hijab. ~ Asian – Elementary School

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Dominique’s Thrifted Treasures
by Margrett McBride

When Pawpaw moves in, he shows Dominique a whole new meaning of hand-me-down clothes. On a walk through their neighbourhood, they meet the former owner of each quirky, thrifted find and hears a memory associated with the clothing. They make stops at the barbershop and the local ice cream parlour and, along the way, meet community members who are surprised but pleased to see their previous belongings sported by Dominique. Featuring a nonbinary child who uses they/them pronouns and their grandfather, Dominique’s Thrifted Treasures highlights the subtle and sometimes surprising threads that connect us to our neighbours while touching on economic issues faced by low-income and multi-generational households. ~ African – Elementary School

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Go Forth and Tell: The Life of Augusta Baker, Librarian and Master Storyteller
by Breanna J. McDaniel

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Before Augusta Braxton Baker became a storyteller, she was an excellent story listener. Her grandmother brought stories like Br’er Rabbit and Arthur and Excalibur to life. When she grew up, Mrs. Baker began telling her own fantastical stories to children at the 135th Street branch of the New York Public Library in Harlem. But she noticed that there were hardly any books at the library featuring Black people in respectful, uplifting ways. Thus began her journey of championing books, writers, librarians, and teachers centering Black stories, educating and inspiring future acclaimed authors like Audre Lorde and James Baldwin along the way. Go Forth and Tell is an inspiring picture book biography about beloved librarian and storyteller Augusta Braxton Baker, the first Black coordinator of children’s services at all branches of the New York Public Library. ~ African – Elementary School

Middle School

by Ray Xu

Kevin Lee is having a really bad week. Although he lives in a crowded Toronto apartment above the family’s alterations and dry-cleaning store, he mostly goes unnoticed. School isn’t exactly an oasis either—being one of the few Asian kids makes for some unwelcome attention. But when Kevin’s class plans a trip to Thrill Planet, a spectacular theme park, will he finally have a chance to turn his life around, or will it just be another day for Kevin Lee? Alterations is a funny yet poignant middle-grade coming-of-age story that highlights the struggle of feeling invisible while yearning to be seen by all. ~ Asian – Middle School

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Drawing Deena
by Hena Khan

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Deena’s always gets a knot in her stomach when her parents argue about money, when it’s time to go to school, or when she struggles to find the right words. She manages to make it through each day with the help of her friends and the art she loves to make. To ease her parents’ money troubles, Deena creates a logo and social media account to promote her mom’s home-based business selling clothes from Pakistan to the local community. With her cousin and friends modeling the outfits and lending their social media know-how, business picks up. But the success and attention make Deena’s cousin and best friend, Parisa, start to act funny. Suddenly Deena’s latest creative outlet becomes another thing that makes her feel nauseated and unsure of herself. After Deena reaches a breaking point, both she and her mother learn the importance of asking for help and that, with the right support, Deena can create something truly beautiful. Drawing Deena is a tenderhearted middle grade novel about a young Pakistani American artist determined to manage her anxiety and forge her own creative path. ~ Asian – Middle School

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On This Day in Black History
by Christin Farley

Unearth all of Black history’s most significant events for every day of the year! On This Day in Black History features 300 pages of milestones in Black sports, music, art, history, politics, and more. Read about the day Matthew Henson discovered the North Pole (April 6, 1909), the day England officially banned the African slave trade (March 25, 1807), the day Aretha Franklin released her first song to enter Billboard’s Top 100 (February 27, 1961), the day George Washington Carver first advised Mahatma Gandhi on the virtues of a plant-based diet to help boycott British goods (February 24, 1929), and much more!  ~ African – Middle School

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Across So Many Seas
by Ruth Behar

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

In 1492, during the Spanish Inquisition, Benvenida and her family are banished from Spain for being Jewish, and must flee the country or be killed. They journey by foot and by sea, eventually settling in Istanbul. Over four centuries later, in 1923, shortly after the Turkish war of independence, Reina’s father disowns her for a small act of disobedience. He ships her away to live with an aunt in Cuba, to be wed in an arranged marriage when she turns fifteen. In 1961, Reina’s daughter, Alegra, is proud to be a brigadista, teaching literacy in the countryside for Fidel Castro. But soon Castro’s crackdowns force her to flee to Miami all alone, leaving her parents behind. Finally, in 2003, Alegra’s daughter, Paloma, is fascinated by all the journeys that had to happen before she could be born. A keeper of memoriesshe’s thrilled by the opportunity to learn more about her heritage on a family trip to Spain, where she makes a momentous discovery. Though many years and many seas separate these girls, they are united by a love of music and poetry, a desire to belong and to matter, a passion for learning, and their longing for a home where all are welcome. And each is lucky to stand on the shoulders of their courageous ancestors. Spanning over 500 years, Across So Many Seas is an epic novel about four girls from different generations of a Jewish family, many of them forced to leave their country and start a new life. ~ Diverse – Middle School

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Finally Heard
by Kelly Yang

When ten-year-old Lina Gao sees her mom’s video on social media take off, she’s captivated by the potential to be seen and heard! Maybe online she can finally find the confidence she craves. Whereas in real life she’s growing so fast, she feels like microwave popcorn, bursting out of her skin! With the help of her two best friends, Carla and Finn, and her little sister, Millie, Lina sets off to go viral. As she descends deeper and deeper into social media, it will take all her strength to break free from the likes and find the courage to be her authentic self in this fast-paced world. From the New York Times bestselling author of Front Desk comes Finally Heard, the sequel to Finally Seen in which Lina gets a phone and tries to navigate social media, only to discover not everything online is what it seems. ~ Asian – Middle School


Art Club (A Graphic Novel) 
by Rashad Doucet

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Dale Donavan has heard the same lecture over and over again: Art will get you nowhere in life. A kid with a creative streak, Dale wants nothing more than to doodle, play video games, and create comics forever—maybe even as a full-time job one day. But between his grandfather pushing him to focus on his studies and a school with zero interest in funding arts programs, Dale feels like his future has already been decided for him. That is, until he comes up with the perfect plan: What if he starts an after-school art club, gathers a team of creative students like himself, and proves all the naysayers—his stubborn vice principal in particular—wrong? Inspired by the author’s own childhood, Art Club is a contemporary graphic novel about an aspiring young artist on a mission to prove that the arts are worth fighting for. ~ African – Middle School

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The Partition Project
by Saadia Faruqi

When her grandmother comes off the airplane in Houston from Pakistan, Mahnoor knows that having Dadi move in is going to disrupt everything about her life. She doesn’t have time to be Dadi’s unofficial babysitter—her journalism teacher has announced that their big assignment will be to film a documentary, which feels more like storytelling than what Maha would call “journalism.” As Dadi starts to settle into life in Houston and Maha scrambles for a subject for her documentary, the two of them start talking. About Dadi’s childhood in northern India—and about the Partition that forced her to leave her home and relocate to the newly created Pakistan. As details of Dadi’s life are revealed, Dadi’s personal story feels a lot more like the breaking news that Maha loves so much. And before she knows it, she has the subject of her documentary. The Partition Project is an engaging and moving middle grade novel about a Pakistani American girl whose passion for journalism starts a conversation about her grandmother’s experience of the Partition of India and Pakistan—and the bond that the two form as she helps Dadi tell her story. ~ Asian – Middle School

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High School

The Gilded Ones #3: The Eternal Ones
by Namina Forma

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Mere weeks after confronting the Gilded Ones—the false beings she once believed to be her family—Deka is on the hunt. In order to kill the gods, whose ravenous competition for power is bleeding Otera dry, she must uncover the source of her divinity. But with her mortal body on the verge of ruin, Deka is running out of time—to save herself and an empire that’s tearing itself apart at its seams. When Deka’s search leads her and her friends to the edge of the world as they know it, they discover an astonishing new realm, one which holds the key to Deka’s past. Yet it also illuminates a devastating decision she must soon make… The Eternal One is the dazzling finale to the groundbreaking, New York Times bestselling Gilded Ones series. ~ African – High School

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A Suffragist’s Guide to the Antarctic
by Yi Shun Lai

November 1914. Clara Ketterling-Dunbar is one of twenty-eight crew members of The Resolute—a ship meant for an Antarctic expedition now marooned on ice one hundred miles from the shore of the continent. An eighteen-year-old American, Clara has told the crew she’s a twenty-one-year-old Canadian. Since the war broke out, sentiment toward Americans has not been the most favorable, and Clara will be underestimated enough simply for being a woman without also giving away just how young she is. Two members of the crew know her nationality, but no one knows the truth of her activities in England before The Resolute set sail. She and her suffragist sisters in the Women’s Social & Political Union were waging war of a different kind in London. They taught Clara to fight. And now, even marooned on the ice, she won’t stop fighting for women’s rights…or for survival. In the wilderness of Antarctica, Clara is determined to demonstrate what a woman is truly capable of—if the crew will let her. Told in journal entries, A Suffragist’s Guide To The Antarctic follows a teen whose fight for suffrage turns into one of survival when her crew’s Antarctic expedition ship gets stuck in the ice. ~ Asian – High School (YA) 

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Bunt!: Striking Out on Financial Aid
by Ngozi Ukazu

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Molly Bauer’s first year of college is not the picture-perfect piece of art she’d always envisioned. On day one at PICA, Molly discovers that―through some horrible twist of fate―her full-ride scholarship has vanished! But the ancient texts (PICA’s dusty financial aid documents) reveal a loophole. If Molly and 9 other art students win a single game of softball, they’ll receive a massive athletic scholarship. Can Molly’s crew of ragtag artists succeed in softball without dropping the ball? Bunt! Striking Out On Financial Aid is an energetic graphic novel about passion, teamwork and overcoming the odds. ~ African – High School

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Call Me Iggy
by Jorge Aguirre

Ignacio “Iggy” Garcia is an Ohio-born Colombian American teen living his best life. After bumping into Marisol (and her coffee) at school, Iggy’s world is spun around. But Marisol has too much going on to be bothered with the likes of Iggy. She has school, work, family, and the uphill battle of getting her legal papers. As Iggy stresses over how to get Marisol to like him, his grandfather comes to the rescue. The thing is, not only is his abuelito dead, but he also gives terrible love advice. The worst. And so, with his ghost abuelito’s meddling, Iggy’s life begins to unravel as he sets off on a journey of self-discovery. Call me Iggy is a poignant story of a teen searching for his place in his family, his school, his community, and ultimately―as the political climate in America changes during the 2016 election―his country. ~ Hispanic – High School (YA)

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You’re Breaking My Heart
by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Harriet Adu thinks that her brother’s death is her fault. She would do anything to live in a world where she could take back what she said that morning. Then a strange girl shows up at Harriet’s high school – a girl who loves the same weird books Harriet does, who doesn’t vibe with anyone at school the same way Harriet does – and that different world suddenly seems possible. The girl speaks of a place underneath the subways of New York, where people like them can go and find a home. A place away from the world of high school, grief, cool people, and depression. A place where one may be able to bend the lines of reality and get a second chance at being a better person. Will Harriet open the door? You’re Breaking My Heart is a remarkable novel that will hit home for anyone who yearns for that one chance to do things over. ~ African – High School

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Daniel, Deconstructed
by James Ramos

Photographer and film buff Daniel Sanchez learned a long time ago that the only way to get by in an allistic world is to mask his autism and follow the script. Which means he knows that boisterous, buff, and beautiful soccer superstars like his best friend, Mona Sinclair, shouldn’t be wasting time hanging out with introverts who prefer being behind the camera. So when Daniel meets a new classmate, Gabe Mendes, who is tall, mysterious, nonbinary, and—somehow—as cool as Mona, Daniel knows exactly how this is going to play out. Mona and Gabe will meet cute, win their nominations for Homecoming Court, and ride off into the sunset together. Daniel just needs to do a little behind-the-scenes directing. But matchmaking means stepping into the mystifying and illogical world of love, dating, and relationships, where nothing is as it seems and no one knows their lines. And when Daniel finds himself playing a starring role in this romance, he’ll question everything he thought he knew about himself and his place in the world. Daniel, Deconstructed is a witty and heart-healing ode to movie tropes, meet-cutes, and LGBTQ+ love. ~ African – High School

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Hope Ablaze
by Sarah Mughal Rana

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Nida has always been known as Mamou Abdul-Hafeedh’s niece – the poet who will fill her uncle’s shoes after he was wrongfully incarcerated during the war on terror. But for Nida, her poetry letters are her heart and sharing so much of herself with a world that stereotypes her faith and her hijab is not an option. When Nida is illegally frisked at a Democratic Senatorial candidate’s political rally, she writes a scathing poem about the politician, never expecting the letter to go viral weeks before Election Day. Nida discovers her poem has won first place in a national contest, a contest she never entered, and her quiet life is toppled. But worst of all, Nida loses her ability to write poetry. In the aftermath of her win, Nida struggles to balance the expectations of her mother, her uncle, and her vibrant Muslim community with the person she truly wants to be. With a touch of magic and poetry sprinkled throughout, Hope Ablaze is heartbreaking, often funny, and ultimately uplifting, not only celebrating the Islamic faith and Pakistani culture, but simultaneously confronting racism and Islamophobia with unflinching bravery. ~ Asian – High School (YA) 

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Infinity Alchemist
by Kacen Callender

Only an elite few are legally permitted to study the science of magic―so when Ash is rejected by Lancaster College of Alchemic Science, he takes a job as the school’s groundskeeper instead, forced to learn alchemy in secret. When he’s discovered by the condescending and brilliant apprentice Ramsay Thorne, Ramsay offers to keep Ash’s secret if he helps her find the legendary Book of Source, a sacred text that gives its reader extraordinary power. As Ash and Ramsay work together and their feelings for each other grow, Ash discovers their mission is more dangerous than he imagined, pitting them against influential and powerful alchemists―Ash’s estranged father included. Ash’s journey takes him through the cities and wilds across New Anglia, forcing him to discover his own definition of true power and how far he and other alchemists will go to seize it. Featuring trans, queer, and polyamorous characters of colour, Infinity Alchemist is the hugely anticipated young adult fantasy debut from the extraordinary author of Felix Ever After, King and the Dragonflies, Queen of the Conquered and more. ~ African – High School

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The Diablo’s Curse
by Gabe Cole Novoa

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Dami is a demon determined to cancel every deal they’ve ever made in order to tether their soul to earth and become human again. There’s just one person standing in their way: Silas. An irresistibly (and stubborn) cute boy cursed to die young, except for the deal with Dami that is keeping him alive. If they cancel the deal, Silas is dead. Unless… they can destroy the curse that has plagued Silas’s family for generations. But to do so, Dami and Silas are going to have to work together.  That is, if the curse doesn’t kill them first. . . The Diablo’s Curse is a high-stakes race to defeat a curse designed to kill—about a teen demon who wants to be human, a boy cursed to die young, and the murderous island destined to bury them both. ~ Hispanic – High School (YA)

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Out of Body
by Nia Davenport

Seventeen-year-old Megan Allen has been jumping from friend group to friend group in her high school, trying on identities like outfits. Nothing ever seems to fit—until she meets LC, the adventurous, charismatic girl who appears at her favorite coffee shop one day like magic. Finally, Megan feels like she’s becoming the person she’s meant to be: someone like LC. On the night of their friendiversary, what was supposed to be a bonding experience ends in a waking nightmare. Suddenly, Megan is no longer herself. Too late, she realizes that LC has secrets—dangerous ones. Betrayed by her best friend, thrust into another girl’s life, and targeted by LC’s enemies, she must claim what makes Megan Megan to get her life back . . . or die trying. Out Of Body is a high-stakes, propulsive YA thriller with a body-swap twist thoughtfully exploring themes of friendship and identity. ~ African – High School

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How the Boogeyman Became a Poet
by Tony Keith Jr.

NEW Multicultural Children's & YA Books February 2024

Tony dreams about life after high school, where his poetic voice can find freedom on the stage and page. But the Boogeyman has been following Tony since he was six years old. He also has feelings for boys, desires that don’t align with the script he thinks is set for him and his girlfriend, Blu. As he grapples with his sexuality and moves from high school to college, he struggles with loneliness while finding solace in gay chat rooms and writing poetry. But how do you find your poetic voice when you are hiding the most important parts of yourself? And how do you escape the Boogeyman when it’s lurking inside you? How The Boogeyman Became A Poet is a powerful YA memoir in verse, tracing Tony’s journey from being a closeted gay Black teen battling poverty, racism, and homophobia to becoming an openly gay first-generation college student who finds freedom in poetry. ~ African – High School

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