23 Multicultural Children’s Books about Easter

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Multicultural Children's Books About Easter


UPDATED March 2021!

Soon it’ll be time for the big Easter egg hunt again! Get ready with this wonderful selection of children’s books — some Christian, some secular — that feature a wide variety of diverse characters! They also make lovely Easter basket fillers!

23 Multicultural Children’s Books about Easter

Babies & Toddlers

Bunny Day
by Michael Scott

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Bunny Day

“Sugar-sweet and sunny day – today is happy bunny day!” With playful verse and photos of a diverse bunch of cute babies, Bunny Day is the perfect Easter basket filler for babies and toddlers. ~ Diverse – Babies & Toddlers

Easter Sparkling Surprise
by Elizabeth Spurr

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Easter Sparkling Surprise

Follow two adorable children on an Easter egg hunt down the bunny trail! From foil-wrapped chocolates to glittery eggs and sparkling flowers, they find lots of exciting treasures. Simple rhyming text and holographic sparkle on every page make Easter Sparkling Surprise an appealing book for the very young. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

Our Easter Adventure
by Emma Randall

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

Have you ever wondered where the Easter Bunny lives, or how he makes all those colorful eggs? Join a group of children as they follow a trail of eggs and discover his secret hideaway! With simple rhyming text and bright illustrations, Our Easter Adventure is an enchanting tale that celebrates the magic of the holiday! ~ Diverse – Babies & Toddlers



Painted Eggs And Chocolate Bunnies
by Toni Trent Parker

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Painted Eggs & Chocolate Bunnies

With catchy rhymes and full-colour photos of African American children, Painted Eggs And Chocolate Bunnies is a warm celebration of Easter and all the lovely things that come with it: Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter bonnets, chocolate and lots of love! ~ African – Preschool

Easter, Here I Come!
by D.J. Steinberg

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

The author of the hugely popular Kindergarten, Here I Come! is back with a collection of funny and festive Easter poems. Easter, Here I Come! is an ode to all things Easter and springtime, from making an Easter bonnet to enjoying an egg-squisite Easter brunch, and a sheet of stickers. A perfect Easter basket gift! ~ Diverse – Preschool

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Let’s Celebrate Jesus On Easter
by Amy Beveridge

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Let's celebrate Jesus on Easter

In this colourful board book, little ones learn that Easter is more than a basket of candy. On only eight pages Let’s Celebrate Jesus on Easter tells of fun Easter traditions, like egg hunts and Easter baskets, but its main focus is to teach Christian values and honour God. ~ Diverse – Preschool

by Miriam Nerlove

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Easter

With simple rhyming, this picture book follows an African American family as they celebrate Easter, from colouring eggs to filling Easter baskets, from listening to the Easter story at church to going on an egg hunt and ending the day with an Easter dinner. ~ African – Preschool

10 Easter Egg Hunters
by Janet Schulman

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: 10 Easter Egg Hunters

“Wake up, Bunny, move those legs,/ You’ve not much time to hide those eggs!/ By dawn the kids will want to search./ Please, please don’t leave them in the lurch.” With rhyming text 10 Easter Egg Hunters is a simple counting book that follows ten kids as they track down track down all of the eggs in time to attend the Easter parade in their festive holiday hats. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Easter Is Here!
by Lori C. Froeb

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Easter is Here!

Join the Fisher Price Little People as they colour eggs, get a glimpse into the Easter Bunny’s workshop and march in an Easter parade. With over 55 flaps to lift and fun learning activities, Easter Is Here! will be a holiday favourite. ~ Diverse – Preschool


The Story of Easter
by Patricia A. Pingry

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: The Story of Easter

In only 200 simple words this vibrant board book presents the Easter Story in its most traditional form. From Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, The Story of Easter links the biblical story to today’s Easter celebrations in an accessible way. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Sawdust Carpets
by Amelia Lau Carling

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

The Lau family, well-known from the award-winning picture book Mama and Papa have a Store, have been invited to spend Easter with their cousins in Antigua, Guatemala. Although they are Chinese and Buddhist, they loves the pageantry of Easter. The family watch the Easter processions walk over spectacular sawdust carpets and destroy them. The cobble stone streets of the city are lined with these carpets which people spend days creating as “offerings to life”. Sawdust Carpets is a gorgeously illustrated book that shines a light on this Antiguan Easter tradition. ~ Asian, Hispanic – Preschool

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Emma’s Easter
by Lisa Bullard

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Emma's Easter

Follow Emma as she celebrates Easter with her mixed heritage family (black dad, white mom, Russian-descent grandmother). They hunt for Easter eggs, go to church and have a festive meal with extended family. Emma’s Easter also describes Christian beliefs about Jesus and shows how non-Christians celebrate. ~ African – Preschool

A Very Happy Easter
by Tim Thornborough


A Very Happy Easter is a fresh retelling of the Easter story that focuses on the emotions of Jesus’ friends and invites children to copy the expressions they are making. As they learn about how Jesus died and rose again, they will see that Jesus’ friends felt fear, sadness, surprise and joy, and they will have the opportunity to think about how they would have felt. This book explains Easter to young children in a way that connects emotionally and builds empathy. ~ Asian – Preschool

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Doc McStuffins Bunny in a Basket
by Disney Book Group

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Bunny in a Basket

My daughter is DocMcStuffins’ biggest fan! Celebrate Easter with the Doc and her adorable friends, from decorating eggs to going an egg hunt, and other exciting activities. Bunny in a Basket is a fun egg-shaped board book complete with foil eggs and over 25 flaps. ~ African – Preschool

The Best Easter Prize
by Kristina Evans Collier

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: The Best Easter Prize

Follow a diverse bunch of kids as they go on a hundred-egg hunt! Some children fill their baskets with lots of eggs, but one little girl is crying because she found no eggs. When Monica decides to share her egg with the girl, everyone is reminded that The Best Easter Prize is having friends to share things with! ~ Diverse – Preschool


Elementary School

Chicken Sunday
by Patricia Polacco

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Chicken Sunday

After being initiated into her neighbour’s family, a Russian American girl and her African American brothers want to buy Grandma Eula a fancy Easter hat. They try to find a way to pay for it. With authentic and vibrant illustrations, Chicken Sunday is a moving picture book that celebrates the strength of family bonds. ~ African – Elementary School

Easter in Ramallah: A story of childhood memories
by Wafa Shami

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

Easter in Ramallah is a beautiful story about friendship and Easter traditions that have been shared among Palestinian Christian and Muslim families for centuries. It takes the reader to a fun festive place that is filled with a colourful atmosphere, drums playing, love and laughter. ~ Asian – Elementary School

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Emma the Easter Fairy
by Daisy Meadows

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Emma The Easter Fairy

Every year, Emma the Easter Fairy paints three special eggs to make Easter sparkle. But this year, thanks to Jack Frost and his goblins, everything goes wrong. The magic eggs have disappeared, the chocolate is melting, the eggs are going bad, and the Easter Bunny is missing! Young readers must help save Easter by finding the magic eggs in the three stories of this Rainbow Magic Special Edition. ~ African – Elementary School

The Legend of the Cascaron
by Roxanna Montes-Bazaldua

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

When chicken farmer Don Serafâin gets a huge order of eggs for a wedding cake, his heavy-handed methods lead his hens to go on strike. When things are resolved, he decides to do something different with the eggshells. With dynamic illustrations, The Legend Of The Cascaron is a fun tale about how the Cascaron came to be. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat
by Melissa Milich

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: Miz Fannie Mae's Fine New Easter Hat

Tandy and her dad go to the big city to buy her mom a fancy new Easter hat. Decorated with lace, flowers, fruit, and four tiny eggs, mama proudly wears the hat to church. When the eggs hatch, everyone thinks a little miracle has happened. Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat is a lovely story about an Easter long time ago. ~ African – Elementary School

The Holy Moly Easter Story
by Rebecca Glaser

Multicultural Children's Books about Easter: The Holy Moly Easter Story

With engaging text and colourful illustrations, The Holy Moly Easter Story brings the Bible to life for children. From Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the discovery of the empty tomb, kids will be captivated by this story of hope and new life. Includes fun colouring and drawing activities. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Easter
by National Geographic

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

With over 25 vibrant photographs, Holidays Around The World: Celebrate Easter shows children how the holiday is celebrated throughout the world: from the famous Easter Egg Roll at the White House to bonfires throughout Europe, traditional Easter dances in Africa and Hawaii, and more. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

Dance of the Eggshells: Baile De Los Cascarones
by Carla Aragón

Multicultural Children's Books About Easter

Libby and her older brother, J.D., don’t get along, and their relationship is tested in an unexpected way when they visit their grandparents in Santa Fe. It’s the week after Easter and Grandma Socorro tells them about the upcoming Baile de los Cascarones, a tradition where people ask one another to dance by gently crushing decorated eggshells filled with confetti over their heads. Libby immerses herself in the preparations and is excited to learn all the dances. J.D. only bombards his cousins with cascarones and ignores the dancing. But when he is forced to dance it is Libby who saves him from embarrassment. Dance Of The Eggshells is a bilingual children’s story that explores the family bond created through traditions passed on by grandparents. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

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