40+ Multicultural Children’s Books about Grandparents
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“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” ~ Alex Haley   Grandma and Grandpa, Gong Gong and Nai Nai, Abuela and Abuelo – all over the world … Read More

24 Children’s Books set in Mexico
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  Located between the U.S. and Central America, Mexico boasts a diverse landscape of mountains, beaches, deserts and jungles. The country is rich in culture and history, and has ancient ruins scattered throughout, such as Teotihuacán and the Mayan city … Read More

11 Multicultural Lullabies
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  I don’t think there’s ever been a baby who doesn’t love a lullaby! One of my favourite times of the day when my daughter was a baby was holding her in my arms at night and singing a soothing … Read More

Multicultural Book of the Month: Maybe Something Beautiful
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  Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood written by F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell, illustrated by Rafael López   What good can a splash of colour do in a community of gray? Maybe more than you might … Read More

20 Children’s Books set in the Middle East & Northern Africa
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    August is Middle Eastern and Northern African Heritage Month! It serves to celebrate the rich history and diverse cultures of this vast region, stretching from Morocco in the West to Iran in the East, from Syria in the … Read More

80 Multicultural Children’s Books about School
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    UPDATED AUGUST 2022! Just in time for the new school year to start, we have updated our popular list of multicultural children’s books about school! From the first day at preschool to the first school day in a … Read More

23 Children’s Books set in South Africa
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    “We live with the hope that as she battles to remake herself, South Africa will be like a microcosm of the new world that is striving to be born.” ~ Nelson Mandela   Located at the tip of … Read More

18 Multicultural Children’s Books about Friendship
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    “We’ll be friends forever, won’t we, Pooh?” asked Piglet. “Even longer,” Pooh answered.”   One of the most important things we can teach our children is how to be a good friend. From making a friend at a … Read More

Multicultural Book of the Month: The Girl Who Saved Yesterday
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The Girl Who Saved Yesterday written by Julius Lester, illustrated by Carl Angel The Girl Who Saved Yesterday tells the story of Silence. The young girl was cast out by her village because she tried to find her dead parents. … Read More

Diversity Calendar 2016 -2017
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  KidWorldCitizen has created this amazing Diversity Calendar for the school year 2016-17!   The calendar is a detailed collection of holidays around the world. It covers a wide range of holidays, from religious to environmental and fun ones. Have you ever … Read More

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