NEW Multicultural Children’s & YA Books August 2022
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    The end of summer brings us some wonderful new multicultural children’s & YA books! Our favourites this month are Ours (Babies & Toddlers), Lola Out Loud (Preschool), Just Like Jesse Owens (Elementary School), Tumble (Middle School), and How … Read More

60+ Multicultural Children’s Books about Hair & Skin
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    As part of developing a positive body image and sense of identity, it is important that children of colour learn to love their hair and their skin from an early age. The gorgeous multicultural children’s books about hair … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s & YA Books July 2022
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    Here is our list of new multicultural children’s & YA books July 2022! Some gorgeous new releases, our favourites being I Love My Beautiful Hair (Babies & Toddlers), If You Find A Leaf (Preschool), Everything In Its Place … Read More

52 Multicultural Middle Grade & Young Adult Fantasy Books
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    Fantasy is a popular genre among tweens and teens. The multicultural middle grade and young adult fantasy books on this list cover a wide range of ethnicities, styles and subjects, so there is something for every fantasy lover … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books May 2022
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    This month’s list is long! So many exciting new multicultural children’s books for all ages! Our favourites for May are The Hair Book (Babies & Toddlers), The Blur (Preschool), The World Belonged To Us (Elementary School), Swim Team (Middle School), and … Read More

24 Diverse Jewish Books for Children & Teenagers
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    I’ve been wanting to compile a list of diverse Jewish books for children and teenagers for a while, so here it finally is! Set in a variety of different countries and presenting a wide range of characters from … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books March 2022
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    March has seen the release of some gorgeous new multicultural children’s books! Our favourites this month are Brown Sugar Baby (Babies & Toddlers), Climb On! (Preschool), Stella Keeps The Sun Up (Elementary School), New From Here (Middle School), and Every Variable … Read More

40 Multicultural Children’s Books About Women In Sports
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    March is Women’s History Month! A perfect time to celebrate the achievements of powerful women of colour in sports – women across all kinds of sports who persevered against racial and gender discrimination, broke records, and paved the … Read More

22 Multicultural Children’s Books About Brave Ballerinas
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    My 8-year-old daughter has been doing ballet since she was 4 and is still loving it! I am always happy to find children’s books about ballerinas of colour who have persevered and made their dreams come true against … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books February 2022
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    Lots of wonderful new multicultural children’s book releases this month! Our favourites for February 2022 are Peek-a-You! (Babies & Toddlers), Eyes That Speak To The Stars (Preschool), Nigel And The Moon (Elementary School), Omar Rising (Middle School), and … Read More

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