The 50 Best Multicultural Picture Books Of 2020
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    As this crazy year is drawing to a close, it’s time for our round-up of the best multicultural picture books of 2020! It’s always difficult to narrow it down to the 50 best multicultural picture books of the … Read More

21 Children’s Books about Diwali, the Festival of Lights
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    Diwali – the five-day “Festival of Lights” is an important festival for Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities around the world. It serves to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness, by lighting lamps and … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books October 2020
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    Check out the latest multicultural children’s book releases! Some real gems this month, including some stunning graphic novels! Our favourite ones for October are Planet Earth (Babies & Toddlers), Julián at the Wedding (Preschool), All Because You Matter (Elementary … Read More

19 Day of the Dead Children’s Books
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    Teach your children about the wonderful celebration of Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos with these colourful Day of the Dead Children’s Books! And make sure to also check out the Day of the Dead activity books … Read More

18 Multicultural Children’s Books About Voting & Elections
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    With the U.S. elections just around the corner, we searched the internet up and down for multicultural children’s books about voting and elections. And we found some stunning ones for most age groups! Even though children are too … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books September 2020
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    There were so many exciting new multicultural children’s book releases this month, it was difficult for us to decide which ones are our favourite ones. But here we go: Families Belong (Babies & Toddlers), I Am Every Good … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books August 2020
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    Some beautiful new multicultural children’s book releases this month! Quite a few Latinx ones! Our favourites for August are Smell! (Babies & Toddlers), The Power Of One (Preschool), I Promise (Elementary School), Everything Sad Is Untrue (Middle School) … Read More

250 Children’s Books Celebrating Black Girls
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    Following our recent list of 150 Children’s Book Celebrating Black Boys, we had many requests to publish one about children’s books celebrating Black Girls, too — so here it is! This list features fictional books for all ages, … Read More

NEW Multicultural Children’s Books July 2020
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    July has seen the release of some gorgeous multicultural children’s books for all ages! Our favourites this month are Good Night, Little Dancer (Babies & Toddlers), V Is For Voting (Preschool), Your Name Is A Song (Elementary School), … Read More

150 Children’s Books Celebrating Black Boys
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    Now more than ever, we need to celebrate Black boys in order to combat stereotypes and racial prejudice! This extensive list includes a huge variety of books featuring Black boys, from classics such as The Snowy Day to … Read More

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