14 Multicultural Children’s Books about Mothers

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14 Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers


Happy Mother’s Day! No matter where we live or how we became mothers, we all love our children madly, so let’s celebrate all mothers everywhere with these gorgeous multicultural children’s books about mothers!

14 Multicultural Children’s Books about Mothers

The Mommy Book
by Todd Parr

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: The Mommy Book

“Some mommies sing you songs. / Some mommies read you stories. / All mommies like to hang out with you!”. The Mommy Book celebrates all kinds of moms and what makes each of them special. With his trademark simple text and quirky drawings, Todd Parr created another fun picture book for little ones. ~ Diverse – Toddlers

Mama, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara M. Joosse

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Mama, Do You Love Me?

Mama, Do You Love Me? is a universal story of an Inuit child testing the limits of her mother’s love. The mother reassures her daughter that her love is unconditional and everlasting, no matter how the child behaves.  With its tender, warm-hearted storyline and stunning illustrations, this is a perfect first book for toddlers. ~ Diverse – Toddlers

For a more iin-depthreview, go to: Multicultural Book of the Month: Mama, Do You Love Me?

Waiting for Mama
by Lee Tae-Jun

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Waiting For Mama

Waiting for Mama really tugged at my heartstrings! First published in a newspaper in 1938, this timeless and universal Korean tale tells of a small child patiently waiting for Mama at the station on a cold and snowy day. The child (no gender specified) asks one conductor after another if Mama is coming, until on the last page you see a small hand in Mama’s hand as they walk away from the station. The sparse (bilingual) text seems secondary to the expressive illustrations, some of them simple ink drawings, others filled with pastel colours. ~ Asian – Preschool

Mama Says: A Book of Love for Mothers and Sons
by Rob D. Walker

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Mama Says

“Mama says be good / Mama says be kind / Mama says the rain will come / But still the sun will shine.” In a powerful yet gentle way, mothers of diverse ethnicities teach their sons about living with courage, compassion and faith. The rhyming text and the striking illustrations of Mama Says bring the mothers’ wise words and their bonds with their sons to life. ~ Diverse – Preschool

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Mommy’s Heart Went POP!
by C. Kyllonen & P. Greer

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Mommy's Heart went POP!

Mommy’s heart went POP! follows a mother on her international adoption journey. In simple yet heartfelt words and with rich illustrations, this picture book captures the love and anticipation of a prospective adoptive mother beautifully. Although I am not very fond of the phrase “you grew in my heart” (it is confusing for small children as they take everything literally), this book does a good job at reassuring young adopted children how much they were wanted and how much they are loved.  ~ African – Preschool

More books about adoption: 28 Multicultural Children’s Books about Adoption

Mama’s Day
by Linda Ashman

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Mama's Day

“There are mamas near and distant / doing just what mamas do: / Loving babies every minute, every day . . . / like I love you.”  With gentle rhyming verse and sweet ink-and-gouache illustrations, Mama’s Day is a wonderful tribute to mothers of all ethnicities. Whether they are enjoying the sun at the sea, walking through a bustling market or cuddling in a rocking chair, mamas and babies share a special bond everywhere. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Motherbridge of Love
by Xinran

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Motherbridge of Love

“Two different lives shaped to make you one. / One saw your first sweet smile, / the other dried your tears.” Motherbridge of Love celebrates the bond between a little Chinese girl and her adoptive mother, whilst holding the child’s birth mother in a place of respect. Most picture books about adoption only mention the birth parents briefly but this beautiful book gives them the space they deserve and the child needs. I would recommend this book to any adoptive family! ~ Asian – Preschool

The Best Mum
by Sarah Nash

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: The Best Mum

Mum always says “no” when someone asks her if she works. But little Kizzy thinks being a mum is a hard job – and also the best one ever! With repetitive text and energetic illustrations, The Best Mum is a sweet tribute to mothers and a fun read for children of all ethnicities. ~ African – Preschool

My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me
by Julienne Moore

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: My Mom Is A Foreigner But Not Me

Mom Is A Foreigner But Not Me is award-winning actress Julianne Moore’s homage to all the Muttis, Mammas and Mamans of multicultural families in the US. A foreign mom may eat, speak, and dress differently than other moms but she’s clearly the best! With humourous text and vivid illustrations, this picture book celebrates diverse families.  ~ Diverse – Elementary School

In Our Mothers’ House
by Patricia Polacco

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: In Our Mothers' House
Just like any other family, Marmee, Meema and their three kids like to cuddle, cook and dance together. Some people don’t accept them but the family gains strength from their love and lives by their own rules. With expressive drawings of loving family interactions, In Our Mothers’ House teaches children that different isn’t wrong and that love is what makes a family. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

Hair for Mama
by Kelly Tinkham

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Hair For Mama

A young boy’s mother doesn’t want to be in the family photo after she has lost her hair through chemotherapy. Marcus tries to make a plan, and even though it doesn’t quite work out, he learns that “hair is nice to have, but not as nice as me having Mama and Mama having me.” Told with gentle humour and warm illustrations, Hair for Mama captures the fear, pain, and hope of families affected by cancer. ~ African – Elementary School

A Chair for My Mother
by Vera B. Williams

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: A Chair For My Mother

A Chair for my Mother tells the story of little Rosa who saves up coins to buy a comfortable chair for her mama after the family home was destroyed by a fire. This award-winning picture book with its expressive water colour paintings beautifully depicts a loving family who keeps up a joyful spirit in the face of adversity. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

Floating on Mama’s Song
by Laura Lacamara

Multicultural Children's Book about Mothers: Floating On Mama's Song

Anita’s mama sings songs so beautiful they create magic: Whoever hears them starts floating high above the ground. When one day Mama stops singing, Anita tries to find a way to bring back the happiness and the magic of her songs. Floating on Mama’s Song is a lyrical tale about three generations of women, stunningly illustrated with Morales’ expressive artwork.  ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

Love to Mama: A Tribute to Mothers
by Pat Mora

Multicultural Children's Books about Mothers: Love To Mama

Love to Mama is a brightly illustrated collection of thirteen poems by Latino poets, from award-winning author Pat Mora to a teenaged new talent. Whether the poets are from Cuba, Mexico or Venezuela, they all write passionately about the one thing they have in common: The special bond they share with their mothers and grandmothers. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

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  1. Marjorie (MWD)
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    What a wonderful, inclusive list you have brought together here. I adore Waiting for Mama and have a huge poster of the cover I managed to aquire at the Bologna Book Fair a few years ago! And I also had the great privilege of interviewing Xinran when Motehrbridge of Love first came out – such a wonderful book. (http://www.papertigers.org/interviews/archived_interviews/xinran.html)

    I think your daughter is very blessed – and I’m impressed with the pancakes too!

    • Colours of Us

      Lucky you, I would love to have that poster, too! Thanks for the link to your wonderful interview! I wasn’t aware of the charity Xinran founded, I will definitely check it out. P.S. I’ll pass the compliment about the pancakes on to my partner 🙂

  2. Jane
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    Wonderful – glad to see so many different families represented in these books!

  3. Katie @ The Logonauts
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    Thank you for this collection of books and for thinking of ways to celebrate all kinds of mothers! #diversekidlit

  4. Acorn Books
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    Such a brilliant collection of books, it’s so important for all kinds of families to be represented in books.

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