70+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families

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70+ Picture Books about Multiracial Families


I have added over twenty books to this hugely popular list, so it now features 70+ picture books about mixed-race families!

With ever-increasing numbers of multiracial families (growing three times as fast as the US population as a whole!), picture books about mixed-race families are becoming more and more important.


70+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families

Babies & Toddlers

15 Things Not to Do with a Baby
by Margaret McAllister

Children's Book about multiracial families: 15 Things not to do with a baby

Don’t lend your baby to a kangaroo, don’t let it play with an elephant and don’t plant it in the garden! This cute picture book featuring an African American/White family shows 15 Things Not To Do With A Baby, but also all the lovely things to do: Cuddle, read and sing, and give your baby plenty of love! ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

Welcome Home Little Baby
by Lisa Harper

“Because you came little baby, our life starts a new. Because you came little baby, our dream has come true.” Based on a poem the author wrote after the arrival of their first adopted child, Welcome Home Little Baby is a short and sweet book that celebrates the new arrival. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

A Welcome Song for Baby
by Marsha Diane Arnold

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: A Welcome Song for Baby

“Mummy’s tummy is growing round / the new baby’s coming. / What will I do, I wonder, / to welcome the new baby?” Little Emma makes her own welcome song for her new baby brother from the sounds she hears throughout the seasons. A Welcome Song for Baby is a sweet celebration of family, sounds and seasons, perfect as a bedtime read. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

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Where’s Lenny?
by Ken Wilson-Max

Children's Book about multiracial families: Where's Lenny?

Where’s Lenny? In the cupboard? In the kitchen? Or under the stairs? Lenny plays hide-and-seek with his multiracial family (black dad and white mom). When his parents finally find him hiding under his duvet, there’s lots of tickling and hugging.  ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

Let’s Feed the Ducks // Let’s Go To Playgroup // Let’s Have Fun // Let’s Go to Bed
by Pamela Venus

Children's Book about multiracial families: Let's feed the ducks Children's Book about multiracial families: Let's go to playgroup Children's Book about multiracial families: Let's have fun Children's Book about multiracial families: Let's go to bed

I could only find information on Let’s Feed The Ducks but not on the other three of this beautifully illustrated series of board books. I am therefore not sure if it is the only one featuring a child of mixed race (although from the cover it looks like Let’s Go To the Playgroup and Let’s Go To Bed might, too). With gentle, rhyming text, the first picture book follows Max as he  meets a duck that quacks. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

Oscar’s Half Birthday
by Bob Graham

Children's Book about multiracial families: Oscar's half birthday

A multiracial family celebrates baby Oscar’s Half birthday with a fun outing to the park. When they light the little half candle on his cake, more an more admiring park visitors join in the hearty birthday song. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

Ten Tiny Tickles

by Karen Katz

Children's Book about multiracial families: Ten Tiny Tickles

From one tiny tickle on a lovely little head to ten twirling tickles on tender tubby toes, Ten Tiny Tickles counts up the number of tickles the African American/White family gives the baby. The rhyming text and counting fun coupled with the bright folk art illustrations will make this a lovely bedtime read. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

More bedtime stories for babies & toddlers: Top 10 Multicultural Bedtime Stories for Babies & Toddlers

More More More, Said the Baby
by Vera B. Williams

Children's Book about multiracial families: More More More Said The Baby

More More More Said the Baby is a sweet tribute to babies and the people who love them. Little Guy and his father are white, Little Pumpkin is African American with a white grandmother, and Little Bird and her mother are both Asian American. Vibrant gouache paintings illustrate the love between the babies and their grownups beautifully. This is one of my favourite picture books about mixed race families for the littlest readers! ~ Diverse – Babies & Toddlers


Family // Hope
by Isabell Monk

Children's Book about multiracial families: Family Children's Book about multiracial families: Hope

During a visit to  Aunt Poogee’s farm, Hope learns the story behind her name and learns to feel proud of her mixed race heritage (white dad, black mom). In Family Hope brings a surprise dessert to the annual family reunion, prompting at Aunt Poogee’s advice: “Sharing food is a good way of sharing family. Always add a cup of tradition from your papa’s family to a cup from your mama’s side.” Includes five recipes. ~ African – Preschool

Sammy Goes Flying
by Odette Elliott

Children's Book about multiracial families: Sammy Goes Flying

Sammy is too small to go to on a school trip to an aeroplane museum with his older siblings. To cheer him up, his parents and grandmother take him to a small fair instead where his dream of flying comes true. Set in London, Sammy Goes Flying realistically depicts a biracial family’s loving interactions. ~ African – Preschool

Fussy Freya
by Katharine Quarmby

Children's Book about multiracial families: Fussy Freya

Fussy Freya used to have a healthy appetite until one day she declares, “Your dhal and rice are just not nice.” She refuses everything from sausages to baked beans until Grandma prepares a very surprising feast for her. With quirky illustrations, this picture book depicts an Indian/Caucasian family. ~ Asian – Preschool

Twenty Yawns
by Jane Smiley

When Lucy wakes up at night in a dark, still room, everything looks spooky. But by the time she has put her beloved stuffed animals to bed, she’s calm again and ready for sleep. Twenty Yawns is Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley’s first picture book, illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Lauren Castillo. Featuring a multiracial family, the sweet story combines the fun of a sunny beach day with the quietude of a moonlit night. ~ African – Preschool

Through My Window // Wait and See
by Tony Bradman

Children's Book about multiracial families: Through My Window Children's Book about multiracial families: Wait and See

Through My Window shows a young biracial girl (white father, black mother) who is ill and has to stay in bed for the day. Waiting by the window for the surprise her mom has promised to bring home, Jo watches the people in her neighbourhood. In Wait And See Jo and her mum go shopping, while Dad stays at home to make lunch. Jo takes some pocket money with her but what should she spend it on? ~ African – Preschool

by Kyo Maclear

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: Spork

“He had a mum and a dad who both thought he was perfect just the way he was. But Spork stuck out. In his kitchen, forks were forks and spoons were spoons.” Spork doesn’t fit into the regimented world of cutlery. The spoons think he’s too pointy, while the forks find him too round. He never gets chosen to be at the table until one day he unexpectedly finds his place. Not strictly a multicultural book as it doesn’t feature any human characters, Spork is a humorous tale about individuality and tolerance that will strike a chord with any child of mixed race. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Henry Wants More!
by Linda Ashman

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: Henry Wants More!

Little Henry can’t get enough – he wants more games, more songs, more tickles… With buoyant rhymes and charming illustrations, Henry Wants More! is a heartwarming picture book that follows an energetic young boy through an exhausting (for the rest of the family!), fun-filled day. ~ African – Preschool

The Airport Book
by Lisa Brown

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: The Airport Book

The Airport Book follows a multiracial family as the navigate their way through the complexities of a modern-day airport, from checking bags, to security clearance and a seemingly endless wait at the gate to finally being airborne. But wait! The youngest family member’s sock monkey has gone missing! Young children will delight in following it at the bottom of the page as it makes a journey as memorable as that of the humans above. ~ African – Preschool

The Princess and the Pony
by Kate Beaton

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: The Princess and the Pony

Princess Pinecone knows exactly what she wants for her birthday this year: A big, strong, and fast horse fit for a warrior princess! But when the day arrives, she doesn’t quite get the horse of her dreams… The Princess and the Pony is a colourful and fun picture book that challenges gender stereotypes. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Mitzi Tulane: What’s That Smell?
by Lauren MacLaughlin

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: What's That Smell?

Mitzi Tulane (a black girl with a white family) may be only three years old, but she sure knows how to follow a trail of evidence and solve tough mysteries. In What’s That Smell the little preschool detective notices strange things happening in the house and pieces together the clues. ~ African – Preschool

Available for pre-order: Mitzi Tulane: The Secret Ingredient

Ella and the Knot Fairies
by Amanda Baker

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: Ella & the Knot Fairies

Written in verse, Ella & the Knot Fairies is a whimsical, contemporary fairy story written in verse. This fun picture book with simple, original hand drawn illustrations, celebrates the magical relationship between mothers and daughters, hair and growing up in a mixed-race family. ~ African – Preschool

Alanda and The Frog Prince
by Chermel L. Bluitt

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: Alanda and the Frog Prince

While playing in the rain, Alanda finds a frog. She tries to catch but it is too fast. She soon finds someone who has a knack for catching frogs, and while secretly watching them she is intrigued by their ability to be as swift and as mobile as the frogs. Alanda and The Frog Prince is a sweet story brought to life by dynamic illustrations. ~ African – Preschool

Olu’s Dream
by Shane W. Evans

Children's Book about multiracial families: Olu's Dream

With manga-style illustrations, Olu’s Dream follows an African American/Asian family at bedtime. Little Olu would rather play but as soon as he shuts his eyes, imagination flies! ~ African – PreschoolAsian – Preschool

Shopping With Dad
by Matt Harvey

While grocery shopping with her dad, a little girl’s sneeze sets off a chain reaction: “That sneeze was fantastic. It made my Dad jump, / And his jump gave the woman beside him a bump / And she went, ‘Aaarrrggghhh!’ and swung around in alarm, / And her bag hit a woman, who jogged a man’s arm.” At first, Dad gets the blame but when the girl takes responsibility the mood softens. Shopping with Dad is a fun, fast-paced picture book, depicting a multiracial family and a diverse mix of shoppers. Great as a read-aloud. ~ African – Preschool

More books featuring fathers: 40 Multicultural Children’s Books about Fathers

Chyna’s Doll
by Schertevear Q. Watkins

Children's Book about multiracial families: Chyna's Doll

At show-and-tell, biracial Chyna notices that all the other girls bring dolls that look like them. With an African American father and an Asian American mother, none of Chyna’s doll’s look like her. She decides to replace her favourite doll, an alien named Luna, with a custom made doll that looks like her… ~ African – PreschoolAsian – Preschool

Two Dads: A book about adoption
by Carolyn Robertson
Children's Book about multiracial families: Two Dads
“…I have something that can’t be bad/… I have not one, I have two dads!” With fun text and beautiful illustrations, Two Dads is an affirming story of life as an adopted child of two daddies, one white and the other black (or mixed race). ~ African – Preschool

More books featuring fathers: 40 Multicultural Children’s Books about Fathers

Gracias / Thanks
by Pat Mora

Hispanic Multicultural Children's Books - Preschool: Gracias/Thanks

A young biracial boy recounts some of the simple everyday things he is thankful for, like his comfy old pyjamas, bees not stinging and the sun waking him up in the morning. With poetic text and vivid acrylic illustrations, bilingual Gracias ~ Thanks encourages young children to think about all the things they are grateful for. ~ Hispanic – Preschool

More poetry books: 26 Multicultural Poetry Books for Children aged 0 to 10

Cinnamon Baby
by Nicola Winstanley

Children's Book about multiracial families: Cinnamon Baby

Born to a white mom who is a baker and a black dad who is a musician, little Sebastian is a bundle of joy. When one day the Cinnamon Baby doesn’t stop crying his mother comes up with a magical remedy. ~ African – Preschool

Ladder to the Moon
by Maya Soetoro-Ng

Children's Book about multiracial families: Ladder To The Moon

Ladder to the Moon is Barack Obama’s Indonesian-born half-sister’s tribute to her late mother (who was white). A golden ladder appears at little Suhaila’s window one night and Grandma Annie invites her to come along on a journey. A lyrical picture book that reminds us that loved ones lost are always with us. ~ Asian – Preschool

What a Family
by Rachel Isadora

Children's Book about multiracial families: What a Family

What a Family! Grandpa Max explains to little Ollie all the things their big family has in common as well as the ones they don’t. Ollie learns what cousins of different degrees are and that his family includes people of European, African and Asian heritage. ~ Diverse- Preschool

I Am Me
by Karla Kuskin

Children's Book about multiracial families: I Am Me

On a beach outing with her extended family, the narrator of I Am Me! notices family resemblances. “My feet are Dad’s,/except my funny little toe,/which is a lot more like Aunt Jen’s./My voice is like hers too,/quite low.” But most importantly, she concludes: “I am positively/ absolutely/ altogether/ no one else but/ ME.” From the illustrations, it looks like biracial children of Hispanic as well as African and Asian heritage would be able to identify with the main character and her family. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Billy and Belle
by Sarah Garland

Children's Book about multiracial families: Billy and Belle

Billy and Belle is a timeless classic following a loving mixed race family on the day their new baby is born. There is burnt toast, a little girl who doesn’t want to hold still, a little boy excited to bring his hamster to school, and of course a lot of excitement about the imminent birth. ~ African – Preschool

Silver Shoes
by Caroline Binch

Children's Book about multiracial families: Silver Shoes

Being the only girl in her new dance class who doesn’t have Silver Shoes, biracial little Molly desperately wants a pair, too. But her parents tells her to wait and see if she likes the class first. “Special things you want very much often come at special times.” ~ African – Preschool

black is brown is tan
by Arnold Adoff

Children's Book about multiracial families: black is brown is tan

“Black is brown is tan/is girl is boy/ is nose is face/ is all the colors of the race.” First published in 1973, Black is Brown is Tan was the first picture book about a mixed race family. This updated version of the story poem, featuring modern bright watercolour illustrations, follows the multiracial family’s daily loving interactions. ~ African – Preschool

More poetry books: 26 Multicultural Poetry Books for Children aged 0 to 10

Mixed Me!
by Taye Diggs

Children's Book about multiracial families: Mixed Me!

“Mom and Dad say I’m a blend of dark and light/ ‘We mixed you perfectly, and got you just right’.” Energetic Mike with his “super-crazy-fresh-cool” hair answers questions about being mixed race with joy and ease in this fun picture book. ~ African – Preschool

I Am Mixed
by Garcelle Beauvais

Children's Book about multiracial families: I Am Mixed

Mixed race twins Jay and Nia enjoy the best of both sides of their heritage, from their mom’s jazz beats to their dad’s classical piano and more. I Am Mixed light-heartedly explores what it is like to be a multiracial family, showing that a child is more than the sum of their parents. ~ African – Preschool

Black, White, Just Right!
by Marguerite W. Davol

Children's Book about multiracial families: Black White Just Right!

Black, White, Just Right!” A young girl celebrates her mixed race family in this joyful picture book. Each page shows the likes and dislikes, the hobbies and habits of the individual family members: Her white dad loves meat, her black mom is vegetarian, the little girl likes both. Dad likes to rap, mom loves ballet. Each page ends with “just right!” ~ African – Preschool

Liliana’s Grandmothers
by Leyla Torres

Children's Book about multiracial families: Liliana's Grandmothers

Liliana’s Grandmothers are very different: Mima lives up the street and likes yoga exercises and crossword puzzles; Mama Gabina lives in South America and enjoys gardening and dancing around the house. But they have one thing in common: They both love their granddaughter dearly. ~ Hispanic – Preschool

More books about grandparents: 40+ Multicultural Children’s Books about Grandparents

The Hello, Goodbye Window
by Norton Juster

Children's Book about multiracial families: The Hello, Good-Bye Window

The Hello, Goodbye Window at her grandparent’s house is a magic gateway for the biracial little girl in this enchanting book. Everything important happens near it or through it. A joyful celebration of the special bond between grandparents and grandchild. ~ African – Preschool

How My Parents Learned to Eat
by Ina R. Friedman

Children's Book about multiracial families: How My Parents Learned To Eat

First published in 1987, How My Parents Learned to Eat is a timeless classic. It tells the story of a young American sailor falling in love with a young Japanese woman. He wants to take her out for dinner but is afraid he won’t know how to eat with chopsticks. Secretly, they both learn each other’s way of eating. ~ Asian – Preschool

Brown Like Me
by Noelle Lamperti

Children's Book about multiracial families: Brown like me

Lamperti tells her own story, an adopted African American girl growing up in a white community and trying to find herself reflected in the people and things around her. Brown Like Me is an authenic picture book that can help black children build a strong and positive self-image.~ African – Preschool

You Were the First
by Patricia MacLachlan

Children's Book about multiracial families: You Were The First

You Were the First is a touching tribute to first born babies. Featuring a biracial Asian/White family, the picture book depicts all those unforgettable moments, from first smiles to crawling, walking, and running. The warm graphite pencil illustrations complement the sweet text. ~ Asian – Preschool

Waiting for Baby
by Rachel Fuller

Children's Book about multiracial families: Waiting For Baby

Waiting for Baby follows a multiracial family from pregnancy to living with a new baby. This cute picture book shows the delights as well as the downfalls of having a younger sibling. There is no text which promotes conversation and gives parents and children the opportunity to tell their own story. ~ African – Preschool

One Family
by George Shannon

Children's Book about multiracial families: One Family

One Family shows families of all shapes and colours – from multigenerational to multiracial – doing familiar activities like going to the zoo or baking cookies. The last page brings all the families together and concludes: “One is one and everyone./ One earth. One world./ One family.” ~ Diverse – Preschool

Who’s In My Family? // What’s in There?
by Robie H. Harris

Children's Book about multiracial families: Who's In My Family Children's Book about multiracial families: What's In There?

Who’s In My Family shows families of many configurations: African American/White, Asian American/White, Hispanic/White, Muslim, single parent, two daddies… What’s In There? follows a multiracial family through the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. These engaging picture books send the message to children that every family is perfectly normal and totally wonderful. ~ Diverse – Preschool

by Cerrie Burnell

Children's Book about multiracial families: Snowflakes

“Every snowflake is different, every snowflake is perfect.” Biracial little Mia goes to live with her Grandma in a land of forests and snow, far away from her old life in the city. At first, she feels very different from the other children she sees. But watching the snow falling, Mia realises that she is just as unique and perfect as each of the Snowflakes. ~ African – Preschool

Oh, Oh, Baby Boy!
by Janine Macbeth

Children's Book about multiracial families: Oh Oh Baby Boy

Oh, Oh, Baby Boy! follows a newborn baby and his father laughing, playing, cuddling and making friends. The journey of the multiracial family comes full circle when the baby boy eventually grows up and becomes a father himself. The illustrations seem to reflect the author’s own racial mix which is Asian American, African American, Native American and white. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Waiting for May
by Janet Morgan Stoeke

A young boy eagerly awaits the arrival of his new baby sister from China. Waiting for May follows the long adoption process until the boy finally meets his sister and is the first to make her smile. Simple text and colourful illustrations make this a good book to read with preschool children. ~ Asian – Preschool

More books about adoption: 28 Multicultural Children’s Books about Adoption

Anna Hibiscus’ Song
by Atinuke

Children's Book about multiracial families: Anna Hibiscus' Song

This is our favourite picture book about mixed race families! The charming series follows biracial little Anna who lives in amazing Africa with her white mom and black dad, her baby twin brothers, and lots of extended family. In Anna Hibiscus’ Song Anna wants to show her happiness. With the help of her mother, she finds her very own way of expressing her joy. ~ African – Preschool

More from the same series: Anna Hibiscus Complete Collection

Elementary School

Bonjour, Lonnie
by Faith Ringgold

Picture Book about mixed race families: Bonjour Lonnie

Bonjour, Lonnie follows an orphan boy through Paris on his surreal search for his family history. With the help of the magical “Love Bird”, he meets his African American grandfather and his French grandmother; his soldier father, who was killed in World War II and his Jewish mother, who died in the Holocaust. ~ African – Elementary School

An African Princess
by Lyra Edmonds

Picture Books about mixed race families: An African Princess

“I’m Lyra. I’m an African princess. That’s me.” But biracial Lyra’s classmates don’t believe that An African Princess can have freckles and live on the tenth floor. When Lyra meets her Auntie May in the Caribbean, she learns that she is indeed one in a long line of princesses from Africa. ~ African – Elementary School

Less Than Half, More Than Whole
by Kathleen Lacapa

Picture Books about mixed race families: Less Than Half, More Than Whole

When biracial (Native American/White) Tony notices that his skin is darker than his white friend Scott’s, but lighter than his Native American friend’s Will, he starts to explore his mixed heritage. With the help of his grandfather, he learns that he is Less Than Half, More Than Whole. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

More books about Native Americans: 32 Native American Children’s Books

Real Sisters Pretend
by Megan Dowd Lambert

Inspired by the author’s own daughters, whom she overheard talking about how adoption made them “real sisters”, this story unfolds entirely through the conversation and warm interactions of two adopted sisters. With lively text and expressive watercolour illustrations, Real Sisters Pretend is a reassuring story that touches on aspects of adoption, two moms, and multiracial family life. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

More books about adoption: 28 Multicultural Children’s Books about Adoption

My Mom Is a Foreigner, But Not to Me
by Julienne Moore

Picture Books about mixed race families: My Mom Is A Foreigner But Not Me

Mom Is A Foreigner But Not Me is award-winning actress Julianne Moore’s funny homage to all the Muttis, Mammas and Mamans of multiracial families in the US. A foreign mom may eat, speak, and dress differently than other moms but she’s clearly the best. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

More books about mothers: 14 Multicultural Children’s Books about Mothers

I Love Saturdays y domingos
by Alma Flor Ada

Picture Books about mixed race families: I Love Saturdays Y Domingos

In I love Saturdays y domingos a little biracial girl visits her European American grandparents on Saturdays, and on Sundays (domingos) she spends the day with her Mexican American abuelito y abuelita. She goes to the circus with one set of grandparents, to the sea with the other and celebrates her birthday with both of them. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

More books about grandparents: 40+ Multicultural Children’s Books about Grandparents

Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match
by Monica Brown

Picture Books about mixed race families: Marisol McDonald doesn't match

Marisol is like a Hispanic American/White version of Pippi Longstocking – a spunky and fun-loving little girl who doesn’t let anyone put her into a box. The biracial little heroine of bilingual Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match does things the way she likes, from wearing polka dots with stripes to being a soccer playing pirate princess. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

Jalapeno Bagels
by Natasha Wing

Picture Books about mixed race families: Jalapeno Bagels

Beautifully illustrated, Jalapeño Bagels tells the story of Pablo who cannot decide what to take for his school’s International Day. The chano bars his Mexican mother makes or the bagels his white Jewish father bakes? He eventually comes up with a food that perfectly represents his mixed heritage. ~ Hispanic – Elementary

Rock and Roll Highway: The Robbie Robertson Story
by Sebastian Robertson

Native American Children's Books: Rock & Roll Highway

Canadian guitarist and songwriter Robbie Robertson has been named one of Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitarists of all time. Growing up as the child of a Mohawk Indian mother and a Jewish professional gambler, Robbie developed an interest in music, fueled by reservation storytelling. In Rock and Roll Highway his son, Sebastian, tells the story of his father’s legendary journey through music, from his childhood to his rise to fame as the founder of The Band. A truly inspirational story of a young person’s passion and determination to follow his dream! ~ Diverse – Elementary School

More books about Native Americans: 32 Native American Children’s Books

In Our Mothers’ House
by Patricia Polacco

Picture Books about mixed race families: In Our Mothers' House
Just like any other family Marmee, Meema and their three kids like to cuddle, cook and dance together. Some people don’t accept them but the family gains strength from their love and lives by their own rules. With expressive drawings of loving family interactions, In Our Mothers’ House teaches children that different isn’t wrong and that love is what makes a family. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

More books about mothers: 14 Multicultural Children’s Books about Mothers

I am Flippish!
by Leslie V. Ryan

Picture Books about mixed race families: I Am Flippish!

Sean is sad and confused when one of his classmates says that his dad is not his dad because he has a different colour skin. The teacher instructs the children to ask their parents about their ancestry. Sean realises: “I Am Flippish!” and learns to take pride in his biracial Filipino/Irish heritage. ~ Asian – Elementary School

One Word from Sophia
by Jim Averbeck

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: One Word from Sophia

Sophia has one true desire for her birthday: A pet giraffe. But she has Four Big Problems in the way: Mom, Dad, Uncle Conrad…and Grand-mama who is very strict. Will her presentations, proposals, and pie charts convince them? One Word From Sophia is a playfully illustrated story about the nuances of negotiation. ~ African – Elementary School

La Familia Cool: El tesoro más valioso / The Most Valuable Treasure
by Dania Santana

Picture Books about Mixed Race Families: La Familia Cool

Follow Abi Cool and Tony Cool on their journey to find the most valuable treasure! La Familia Cool is a fun bilingual book about celebrating diversity, family values and identity. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

My Two Grannies // My Two Grandads
by Floella Benjamin

Picture Books about mixed race families: My Two Grannies Picture Books about mixed race families: My Two Grandads

My Two Grannies tells the story of biracial Alvina whose Granny Vero from the Caribbean and Granny Rose from England look after her when her parents go on a holiday.  But the two grannies have completely different ways of doing things, from the food they eat, to the games they play and the stories they tell. In My Two Grandads little Aston loves playing the steel drums with Grandad Roy and the trumpet with Grandad Henry. ~ African – Elementary School

More books about grandparents: 40+ Multicultural Children’s Books about Grandparents

Dumpling Soup
by Jama Kim Rattigan

Picture Books about mixed race families: Dumpling Soup

Celebrating the New Year with her multiracial Asian/Caucasian/Hawaiian family, young Marisa worries if anyone will eat her funny-looking dumplings. Dumpling Soup is a joyful celebration of mixed heritage. ~ Asian – Elementary School

by Tania Duprey Stehlik

Picture Books about mixed race families: Violet

When Violet’s father picks her up after her first day at a new school, one kid asks, “How come your dad is blue and you’re not?” Upset and confused, Violet goes to her mother who is red. With the help of some paint, her mother shows her that when you mix red and blue, you get a beautiful violet! ~ Diverse – Elementary School

by Emma Kallok

Picture Books about mixed race families: Gem

Dream-like Gem tells the story of a young biracial girl eagerly awaiting the birth of her new sibling. Her neighbour Bluesy Walker, composes a special song for the baby. When the child is born, the mixed race family proudly announces: “Gem’s her name and she’s even got her own song.” ~ African – Elementary School

Two Mrs. Gibsons
by Toyomi Igus

Picture Books about mixed race families: Two Mrs. Gibsons

Two Mrs. Gibsons is the author’s touching tribute to the two most important women in her life: Her Japanese mother with her soft lullabies and light comforter hugs, and her African American grandmother with her lively spirituals and big bear hugs. ~ African – Elementary School, Asian – Elementary School

The Case for Loving: The Fight for Interracial Marriage
by Selina Alko

Because he was white and she was African American and Cherokee, Mildred and Richard Loving were not permitted to marry under Virginia’s law in 1958. The couple got married in Washington, D.C., but when they moved back to Virginia, they were arrested. Mildred and Richard fought the discriminatory law all the way to the Supreme Court, and won! The Case for Loving is an inspiring story about a couple who changed the world for interracial couples and opened people’s eyes to the unfairness of any law that restricts whom you are allowed to love. ~ African – Elementary School

For a more in-depth review of this book, go to: Multicultural Book of the Month: The Case for Loving

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  4. Anne Nydam
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    Also be sure to check out Loretta’s Gift by Pat Zietlow Miller and Alea Marley. Lovely story, lovely illustrations including biracial couple and their new baby.

  5. Carl
    | Reply

    Please consider adding Clever Carmel – Creates her own world cup style. Carmel has to do a school project about the country she will be supporting for the world cup. As a mixed race girl she wants to support both countries from her heritage so she designs a kit that represents both countries and does a presentation about both countries.

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for the tip, will check it out!

  6. Laurin Mayeno
    | Reply

    Thanks so much for this list. Please consider adding One of a Kind, Like Me/único como yo, which is about a mixed race single mom family and gender expansive child. oneofakindlikeme.com

    • Colours of Us

      Thank you for the tip! Will definitely check it out.

  7. Jennifer Kagiwada
    | Reply

    For elementary students, the Amy Hodgepodge series by Kim Wayans

  8. Rebekah Gienapp
    | Reply

    What a great list! I’ve pinned it for my followers. Thanks for sharing it on the #diversekidlit linkup.

  9. WOW! This list is amazing!! I’m glad we’re also seeing more diversity even within the area of mixed families in picture books – we have a number of children in my library who have Chinese and non-Chinese parents, so it’s nice to see books that celebrate families that look like theirs, too!

  10. Alexis
    | Reply

    Thank you for the list! You should check out John Rocco’s “Blackout” picture book. I think it would be a good add to your growing list! 🙂

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check it out.

  11. Caro Day
    | Reply

    Hi – great to have found your site.
    You may like this?
    Ella & the Knot Fairies http://a.co/acqMBnB
    by amanda baker

    • Colours of Us

      Thank you, I will have a look.

  12. Sharmain
    | Reply

    Great list! I would also like to add The Colourful Life books ‘Same but different’ and ‘Surprise Baby’! Great read for kids and adults….explains about children being different but also the same. Has teachers notes too. They are in Schools as well as library’s. Let me know what you think.

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for the tip, I must check them out!

  13. Min
    | Reply

    Great List! I also just discovered Twenty Yawns by Jane Smiley – a family with a Caucasian father, Black mother and a mixed child having a fun day at the beach. also has pictures of her white and black relatives side by side, beautifully done.

    • Colours of Us

      Yes, I have recently come across it, too! It’s a lovely book.

  14. Natasha
    | Reply

    Thank you for this great list! Another book is “One Word from Sophia” which features a black girl with a white father and Black mother. Her paternal uncle and maternal grandmother are also part of the story–which is about her trying to convince her family to let her get a giraffe.

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for the tip! I will check it out.

  15. Jessica
    | Reply

    My favourite is Spork by Kyo Maclear! It’s great because it can be applied to all mixed-race families.

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for the tip, I must check it out!

  16. Meredith
    | Reply

    I loved Henry Wants More by Linda Ashman. Randomly picked it out of the library. <3

  17. Handlmomma
    | Reply

    Any books that would work for transracial adoption?

    • Colours of Us

      There are a few on this list: Brown Like Me, Waiting for May, Real Sisters Pretend, In Our Mothers’ House. And there are more here: 26 Multicultural Children’s Books about Adoption

    • Mary

      Thank you for putting together this bibliography. It is an enormous help to me as I choose books for a new biracial baby coming into the family soon. It was not easy to find these books until I found this wonderful list.

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for you feedback! It is always wonderful to hear that readers find our lists useful!

  18. Hannah
    | Reply

    It looks like most of these books depict families who are “white-plus”; there are a pair of young siblings in my life who are mixed Hispanic/African, and I’d love to find a book that depicts a family more like theirs who come in different shades of brown. Does anyone out there know of such a book?

    • Colours of Us

      Good point! Try Shades of Black by Sandra L. Pinkney. It doesn’t feature families (which is why I didn’t include it here) but has lovely photos of children in all shades of black and brown.

    • Meredith

      Try “Looking for Bongo” and “Octopus Stew” both by Eric Velasquez

  19. Julia Marrone
    | Reply

    Thanks you so much for this list of books. My 7 year old daughter is very interested in race right now. She keeps asking questions like, why am I a different color than her daddy and how is her little brother, who looks more like daddy, my son?
    “I understand that you’re my mama, because I’m brown like you, but how are you his mama when he’s pink like daddy???”
    I think these books will be very helpful in explaining being biracial/multiracial to her. Thanks again!
    Love, Tam <3

    • Colours of Us

      Glad you find my list helpful! At not even 3 my daughter is asking about our different skin colours, too.

  20. leslie
    | Reply

    Great list! I suppose it’s a lot to ask but if you happen across any books about mixed families that got that way via adoption, would you post?

    • Colours of Us

      Being an adoptive mom, that’s of course been on my mind! I am planning a list about adoption books, so watch this space! You can sign up for my new post alerts if you like. In the meantime, there’s one book on this list about a transracially adopted child: “Brown like me”. If you browse Multicultural Children’s Book Lists or my other blog posts (e.g. 20 Multicultural Picture Books about new siblings), there are also some books that feature adoptive families. Hope this helps.

      UPDATE Feb 2017: There are a few on this list: Brown Like Me, Waiting for May, Real Sisters Pretend, In Our Mothers’ House. And there are more here: 26 Multicultural Children’s Books about Adoption

  21. Lottie
    | Reply

    I’ve been having trouble finding books with a Native / White mix. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

    • Colours of Us

      There is one on the list: “Less Than Half, More Than Whole”, featuring a mixed Native American/White boy. If I find more, I’ll add them to the list. UPDATE Feb 2017: I added “Rock & Roll Highway”.

  22. Becky
    | Reply

    You left out Walter the Farthing Dog. How could you leave out Walter? His family is mixed. But it’s not about the family really so, ok, you get a pass. But don’t leave him out next time. They’re such a cute family.

    Oh, and thank you for this. It’s super helpful.

    • Colours of Us

      Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t come across Walter yet but will definitely have a look. Glad you find the list useful. It can never be comprehensive though…

  23. Magic and Mayhem
    | Reply

    More, More, More! Said the Baby has always been one of my favorite books to read my little ones. Shared this on my pages. Thanks for the wonderful list!

    • Colours of Us

      My daughter and I love it, too! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Innosanto Nagara
    | Reply

    Also can add Ladder to the Moon by Maya Soetoro and my upcoming My Night in the Planetarium (seven stories press, October 2016).

    • Colours of Us

      Yes, thank you! I actually have Ladder to the Moon on my Asian – Preschool list. I will add it here, too. Looking forward to checking out My Night in the Planetarium once it’s been published!

    • Innosanto Nagara

      Thanks! Yes, Maya Soetoro is mixed race (like her brother, Barak Obama) and so is her daughter Suheila who stars in the book…

  25. Aysh
    | Reply

    Fantastic list of books.. some of these are our favorites too! Pinned it for future reference. Thanks. 🙂

    • Colours of Us

      Thank you!

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