NEW Multicultural Children’s & YA Books July 2022

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New Multicultural Children's & YA Books


Here is our list of new multicultural children’s & YA books July 2022! Some gorgeous new releases, our favourites being I Love My Beautiful Hair (Babies & Toddlers), If You Find A Leaf (Preschool), Everything In Its Place (Elementary School), Thirst (Middle School), and Twice As Perfect (High School). Enjoy browsing!

NEW Multicultural Children’s & YA Books July 2022

Babies & Toddlers

I Love My Beautiful Hair
by Elissa Wentt

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

For her first-ever trip to the hair salon, little EJ wants to find a special hair style. But with so many options… how can she choose? Should she try afro puffs, with ribbons and bows? Or twisty spirals that tickle her nose? Luckily, Mommy is there to offer reassurance: “Your hair is curly, like clouds in the sky. It’s beautiful no matter which style you try!” With bright illustrations and rhyming text, I Love My Beautiful Hair celebrates family tradition and Black hair. ~ African – Babies & Toddlers

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If You Find a Leaf
by Aimee Sicuro

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

During fall, a young artist draws inspiration from the leaves she collects. She imagines turning a Japanese Zelkova leaf into a boat to sail far away, a Honey Locust leaf into a swing to sway in the gentle breeze, and an American Basswood leaf into a hot air balloon to float high above the trees. With exquisite illustrations, If You Find A Leaf inspires young readers to use their own imagination as they hunt for leaves. Includes tips for artwork with leaves and additional fun craft ideas. ~ Diverse – Preschool

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Granny’s Kitchen: A Jamaican Story of Food and Family
by Sadé Smith

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Shelly-Ann lives with her Granny on the beautiful island of Jamaica. When she becomes hungry, she asks her Granny for something to eat. Granny tells her “Gyal, you betta can cook!” and teaches Shelly-Ann how to get in touch with her Jamaican roots through the process of cooking. As Shelly-Ann tries each recipe, everything goes wrong. But when Granny is too tired to cook one morning, Shelly-Ann will have to find the courage to try one more time and prepare the perfect Jamaican breakfast. With vibrant artwork, Granny’s Kitchen is the perfect read-aloud for budding chefs everywhere. ~ African – Preschool

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That’s Not My Name!
by Anoosha Syed

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Mirha is excited for her first day of school. But when her classmates mispronounce her name, she goes home wondering if she should find a new one. Maybe then she’d be able to find a monogrammed keychain at the gas station or order a hot chocolate at the café more easily. But Mama helps Mirha to see how special her name is, and she returns to school the next day determined to help her classmates say it correctly–even if it takes a hundred tries. That’s Not My Name is an empowering picture book about loving your name, and standing up for yourself. ~ Asian – Preschool

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I Am Amazing!
by A. Holder & Z. Holder-Young

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Ayaan loves being a superhero, from helping a friend who has fallen on the playground, to giving pushes on the swings, and offering a boost to those who need it at the rock wall. But his fun is ruined when two of his friends tell him he doesn’t seem like a superhero. When he gets home from school, his Dad reminds him that anybody can be a superhero if you are helping other. I Am Amazing! is the latest picture book about the always-inspiring Ayaan. ~ African – Preschool

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Elementary School

More Than Peach 
by Bellen Woodard

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

When Bellen Woodard’s classmates referred to “the skin-colour” crayon, she knew just how important it was that everyone understood that “skin can be any number of beautiful colours.” More Than Peach spreads Bellen’s message of inclusivity, empowerment, and the importance of inspiring the next generation of leaders. Bellen created the More Than Peach Project in order to transform the crayon industry and grow the way we see our world. Includes back matter about becoming a leader and improving your community just like Bellen. ~ African – Elementary School

They’re Heroes Too: A Celebration of Community
by Pat Brisson

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

As a young girl travels through her community, she notices many everyday heroes — teachers, bus drivers, grocery clerks, mail carriers, and kids who are kind and brave and help each other. With expressive illustrations and flowing text, They’re Heroes Too is a beautiful celebration of the ordinary people who hold our world together. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

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King of the Ice #1 (Miles Lewis)
by Kelly Starling Lyons

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Miles Lewis loves science and sports. But when his teacher announces a class field trip to an ice skating rink to learn about physics, he isn’t so excited. He’s never ice skated before, and his friend RJ challenges him to a bet: If Miles skates without falling, RJ will put a “Miles is the man” sign on his backpack. But if Miles falls, he has to put one on his that says the same about RJ. Miles can barely focus on the bet, though, because he suspects his beloved Nana has plans to move out of his family’s house—and that’s just too much to bear. Can he keep his cool with all the pressure from RJ while finding a way to make his grandma stay? Illustrated King of the Ice is the first in a new chapter book series perfect for STEM fans! ~ African – Elementary School

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Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe: A Graphix Chapters Book (Mimi #1)
by Shauna J. Grant

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Cheerful and charming Mimi is a loyal friend and fun playmate, who has the best adventures with Penelope, her magical toy dog. But when Mimi notices people treating her like she’s too cute, can she show them that she’s much more than meets the eye? Or will she be stuck in this cute-astrophe? Mimi and the Cutie Catastrophe is a humorous debut book with an unforgettable protagonist. ~ African – Elementary School

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Sitti’s Bird: A Gaza Story
by Malak Mattar

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Malak is a little girl who lives in Gaza with her parents. She goes to school, plays in the ocean, and visits Sitti’s house on Fridays. One day while she is in school, bombings begin. She spends the next 50 days at home with her parents worrying and feeling scared, until one day she picks up her paintbrush… Written and illustrated by Palestinian artist Malak Mattar, Sitti’s Bird is a sensitive and heart warming story of how a little girl in Gaza finds strength and hope through painting. ~ Asian – Elementary School

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All About Plants! (Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files #2) 
by A. Beatty & Dr. T. Griffith

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

What do plants eat? Why do some plants have flowers and others don’t? And what’s the tallest plant out there? Part of the popular Questioneers series, Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files is the perfect nonfiction resource for all these questions and more, as readers learn along with Ada. Designed in a scrapbook format, the book combines art from the Netflix show, illustrations, and photography to bring simple science concepts to life. ~ African – Elementary School 

Everything in Its Place: A Story of Books and Belonging
by Pauline David-Sax

Nicky is a shy girl who feels most at home in the safe space of her school library, but the library closes for a week and Nicky is forced to face her social anxiety. When she meets a group of unique and diverse women at her mother’s diner—members of a women’s motorcycle club—Nicky realizes that being different doesn’t have to mean being alone, and that there’s a place for everyone. Everything In Its Place is an inspiring and poetic love letter to reading—and how words help us find empathy and connections with the world around us. ~ African – Elementary School

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H Is for Harlem
by April Harrison

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

A is for Apollo Theatre, L is for Liberation Bookstore, U is for Uptown. Harlem is full of remarkable treasures, including museums, performance spaces, community centers, and more—all of which come to life in this lavish celebration of Harlem as a vibrant neighbourhood and an epicenter of African American history. At once a love letter and a rich alphabetical archive, H Is for Harlem celebrates Harlem’s vibrant traditions, past and present. ~ African – Elementary School

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Middle School

Be Real, Macy Weaver
by Lakita Wilson

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

After her latest friendship breakup, 11-year-old Macy Weaver has spent most of her summer break on her own. So when Macy’s mother decides to go back to college three states away, Macy is keen for a fresh start. But her new home isn’t exactly what she expected. Her mother’s never around and her dad’s always working. Lonelier than ever, Macy tries to find a new best friend. When she meets Brynn, who’s smart and kind and already seems to have her whole life figured out—down to her future as a high fashion model—Macy knows she’s it. The only problem is that Brynn already has a BFF. Macy turns one small lie into a whole new life—full of fantastic fashion and haute couture— to impress Brynn but it isn’t long before everything falls apart. Be Real, Macy Weaver is a humorous and heartfelt novel about being true to yourself. ~ African – Middle School

Nura and the Immortal Palace
by M.T. Khan

With her mom hard at work in a run-down sweatshop and three younger siblings to feed, Nura must spend her days earning money by mica mining. Local rumour says there’s buried treasure in the mine, and Nura knows that finding it could change the course of her family’s life forever. But then the mines collapse and four kids, including her best friend, Faisal, are claimed dead. Nura refuses to believe it and shovels her way through the dirt hoping to find him. Instead, she finds herself at the entrance to a strange world of purple skies and pink seas—a portal to the opulent realm of jinn, inhabited by the trickster creatures from her mother’s cautionary tales. Set in a rural industrial town in Pakistan and, Nura and the Immortal Palace is full of hope, heart, and humour. ~ Asian – Middle School

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Chester Keene Cracks the Code
by Kekla Magoon

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Chester Keene takes great comfort in his routines. Afterschool Monday to Thursday is bowling, and Friday, the best of days, is laser tag! But Chester has one other very special thing—he gets secret spy messages from his dad, who must be on covert government assignments, which is why Chester has never met him. One day, Chester’s classmate, Skye, approaches him with a clue. They’ve been tasked with a complex puzzle-solving mission. Skye proves to be a useful partner, even if her free-wheeling ways are disruptive to Chester’s carefully built schedule. But cracking this code may mean finding out things are not always what they seem. Chester Keene Cracks The Code is an exciting scavenger hunt adventure that tweens will love. ~ African – Middle School

The Royal Trials (Last Gate of the Emperor #2)
by K. Mbalia & P. Makonnen

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Though the battle of Addis Prime is over, the spacefaring Axum Empire is still fractured. Having been missing for over a decade, they’re returning to the planet where their galaxy-spanning civilization began―Earth. But Old Earth’s atmosphere is a mess of junked shuttles and satellites, especially Debris Town, an orbital flotilla where poor spacefarers have taken to piracy to survive. Yared is set to speak at the opening of the Royal Trials, a competition of the best exo pilots in the Sol System. But on the day of his speech, the pirates launch an attack. The siege sets off a chain of events that will lead Yared into the depths of Old Earth―and the jaws of a cruel betrayal. There’s more to the pirates―and Debris Town―than anyone saw coming. Sequel to Last Gate of the Emperor, The Royal Trials a stirring Afrofuturist adventure about a mythical Ethiopian empire. ~ African – Middle School

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The Elephant Girl
by J. Patterson & E. Banda-Aaku

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022 

Clever, sensitive Jama likes elephants better than people. While her classmates gossip—especially about the new boy, Leku—twelve-year-old Jama takes refuge at the watering hole outside her village. There she befriends a baby elephant she names Mbegu, Swahili for seed. When Mbegu’s mother, frightened by poachers, stampedes, Jama and Mbegu are blamed for two deaths—one elephant and one human. Now Leku, whose mysterious and imposing father is head ranger at the conservancy, may be their only lifeline. Inspired by true events, The Elephant Girl is a moving exploration of the bonds between creatures and the power of belonging. ~ African – Middle School

Twin Cities: (A Graphic Novel)
by Jose Pimienta

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Luis Fernando and Luisa Teresa are twins, and they finally have the chance to stand on their own. Fernando is staying local in Mexicali, Mexico, and Teresa is planning to cross the border every day so she can go to a private school in Calexico, California. Desperate to not be alone in middle school, Luis finds himself making friends with the first kid who’s willing to give him a chance . . . only this new friend says and does a lot of things that Fernando isn’t too sure about. Teresa soon finds herself failing under the pressure of crossing the US/Mexico border every day. She no longer has to worry about being compared to her brother — but now she doesn’t have his support when she could really use it. At home, both twins have a chance to reconnect. But instead, they find themselves pushing each other away. After all, being on their own is what they always wanted . . . right? Twin Cities explores the importance of family, belonging and staying true to yourself. ~ Hispanic – Middle School

Quilting a Legacy (4) (The Invincible Girls Club)
by Rachele Alpine

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Myka is excited that her Gammy is coming to stay with her family for a few weeks. Gammy’s visitsalways include lots of quality time, fascinating stories, and Soul Food Sunday meals. But this time Gammy has a special surprise for her—a quilt that was created by and added onto by the women in their family for generations. Determined to carry on the tradition, she signs herself, her friends and Gammy up for quilting classes. But quilting turns out to be a lot harder than it seems, and Myka feels like she’s the only one in the class who is struggling. Will she be able to complete the family quilt before Gammy leaves? Quilting A Legacy is the fourth installment of the relatable The Invincible Girls Club chapter book series. ~ African – Middle School

by Varsha Bajaj

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

Minni lives in the poorest part of Mumbai, where access to water is limited and the communal taps have long lines. Lately, even that access is threatened by severe water shortages and thieves who are stealing this precious commodity. Meanwhile, in the high-rise building where she just started to work, she discovers that water streams out of every faucet and there’s even a rooftop swimming pool. What Minni also discovers there is one of the water mafia bosses. Now she must decide whether to expose him and risk her job and maybe her life. How did something as simple as access to water get so complicated? Thirst is the riveting story of a heroic girl who fights for her belief that water should be for everyone. ~ Asian – Middle School

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High School

Love Times Infinity
by Lane Clark

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

High school junior Michie is struggling to define who she is for her scholarship essays, her big shot at making it into Brown as a first-generation college student. Michie has been estranged from her mother since she was seven and her concept of family has long felt murky. And then new kid and basketball superstar Derek de la Rosa. He is very cute, very talented, and very much has his eye on Michie, no matter how invisible she believes herself to be. When Michie’s mother unexpectedly reaches out to make amends, and with her scholarship deadlines looming, Michie must choose whether to reopen old wounds or close the door on her past. And as she spends more time with Derek, she’ll have to decide how much of her heart she is willing to share. Love Times Infinity is a moving debut novel about identity, family, and love. ~ African – High School

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Boys I Know
by Anna Gracia

While June Chu’s mother insists she follow in her perfect sister’s footsteps and get a violin scholarship to Northwestern, June doesn’t see the point in trying too hard if she’s destined to fall short anyway. Instead, she focuses her efforts on making her relationship with her not-so-committed boyfriend Rhys “official.” But after her methodically planned, tipsily executed scheme explodes on the level of a nuclear disaster, she flings herself into a new relationship with a guy who’s not allergic to the word girlfriend. But as the line between sex and love blurs, and pressure to map out her entire future threatens to burst, June will have to decide on whose terms she’s going to live her life—even if it means fraying her relationship with her mother beyond repair. Boys I Know follows an authentic protagonist on an uncomfortable yet cathartic journey of self discovery. ~ Asian – High School

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Ransoming The Captive
by Traci L. Jones

Jazz Sanders accidentally killed her best friend, Landi, while driving home from a party. While most people offer her sympathy and forgiveness, Jazz feels unworthy of either because she has a secret about what she was doing before her best friend sailed through the windshield and died on the road. Each day Jazz struggles to present a normal face to her family and everyone at school to avoid sympathy and therapy. She finds herself seeking help at a nearby Catholic church and trying to emulate the best of Landi by volunteering at the children’s hospital where Landi spent every Friday after school. Can Jazz find a way to forgive herself or will she spend the rest of her life punishing herself for Landi’s death? ~ African – High School

Beating Heart Baby
by Lio Min

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

When artistic and sensitive Santi arrives at his new high school, everyone in the wildly talented marching band welcomes him with open arms. Everyone except for the prickly, proud musical prodigy Suwa, who doesn’t think Santi has what it takes to be in the band. But Santi and Suwa share painful pasts, and when they open up to each other, a tentative friendship begins. And soon, that friendship turns into something more. . . . Will their fresh start rip at the seams as Suwa seeks out a solo spotlight, and both boys come to terms with what it will take to realize their dreams? Beating Heart Baby is a romantic queer love letter to internet friendships, anime, and indie rock. ~ Asian – High School

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Oblivion Rouge, Volume 1: The HAKKINEN
by Pap Souleye Fall & Saturday AM

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

In the near future, a virus called the LEUP has infected half the population. The resulting war between the people of Liam, known as the infected, and the people of Galoum, known as the immune, becomes a bloody and brutal affair. When a mysterious army called the Hakkinen emerges to quell the war between the two countries, they adopt children of war to aid them. Oumi and her friends are enlisted to help find a cure and end the bloodshed. Manga-inspired comic Oblivion Rouge is both a brutal dystopian depiction of the future and a beautiful exploration of the depth of the human spirit. ~ African – High School

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The Witchery
by S. Isabelle

When Logan, a new witch struggling to control her powers, arrives at Mesmortes Coven Academy, she is immediately taken under the wing of the infamous Red Three: Iris, a deathwitch, who wants to break the town’s curse; Thalia, the talented greenwitch, on the run from her religious family; and Jailah, a witch with a thirst for power. With the Haunting Season approaching, Wolves will soon rise from the swamp to kill, and the humans and witches must work together to survive the yearly onslaught. And this year, the stakes couldn’t be higher as two boys from Hammersmitt School prepare to make their first sacrifices to the witches in exchange for protection. But when students start turning up dead, Iris, Thalia, Jailah, and Logan realize they’ll have to stop the Wolves themselves. The Witchery is a riveting debut fantasy novel full of dark magic. ~ Diverse – High School

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Twice as Perfect
by Louisa Onomé

New Multicultural Children's & YA Books July 2022

For 17-year-old Adanna Nkwachi, life is all about duty: to school and the debate team, to her Nigerian parents, and even to her cousin Genny as Adanna helps prepare Genny’s wedding. Because ever since her older brother, Sam, had a fight with their parents a few years ago and disappeared, somebody had to fill the void he left behind. Adanna may never understand what caused Sam to leave home, but the one thing she knows is that it’s on her to make sure her parents’ sacrifices aren’t in vain. One day, chance brings the siblings together again. Sam, who was supposed to be an engineer, is now a poet. The more she learns about Sam’s poetry, the more Adanna begins to wonder if maybe her own happiness is just as important as doing what’s expected of her. Twice As Perfect follows a Nigerian Canadian dealing with familial pressures and finding her own way. ~ African – High School

Beasts of Ruin
by Ayana Gray

Beast of Ruin is the much anticipated follow up to bestselling Beasts of Prey. Koffi has saved her city and the boy she loves, but at a terrible price. Now a servant to the cunning god of death, she must use her newfound power to further his continental conquest, or risk the safety of her home and loved ones. As she reluctantly learns to survive amidst unexpected friends and foes, she will also have to choose between the life—and love—she once had, or the one she could have, if she truly embraces her dangerous gifts. Cast out from the only home he’s ever known, Ekon is forced to strike new and unconventional alliances to find and rescue Koffi before it’s too late. But as he gets closer to the realm of death each day, so too does he draw nearer to a terrible truth—one that could cost everything. Koffi and Ekon—separated by land, sea, and gods—will have to risk everything to reunite again. But the longer they’re kept apart, the more each of their loyalties are tested. ~ African – High School

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