New Multicultural Children’s Books April 2019

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New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019


Take some time to browse our list of new multicultural children’s books for April 2019!

Our favourites this month are A Is For All The Things You Are, Nine Months, The Undefeated and It’s Trevor Noah.

Let us know in the comments which ones are your favourites or any other new releases we may have missed!

New Multicultural Children’s Books April 2019

Babies & Toddlers

How Do You Say Good Night?
by Cindy Jin

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

This heartwarming board book teaches how to say “good night” in ten different languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swahili, Arabic, Vietnamese, German, and Korean. How Do You Say Good Night is a charming bedtime story that little ones will adore!  ~ Diverse – Babies & Toddlers

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A Is for All the Things You Are: A Joyful ABC Book
by Anna Forgerson Hindley

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Developed by the National Museum of African American History and Culture, A Is for All the Things You Are is a lively alphabet board book that celebrates diversity. With colourful pictures, it introduces twenty-six key traits little readers can explore and cultivate as they grow. A question for each letter invites little ones to examine how they experience each trait in daily life. ~ Diverse – Babies & Toddlers, Preschool


I Will Be Fierce
by Bea Birdsong

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

“Today, I will be fierce! I will answer the call to adventure.” It’s a brand new day, and a young girl decides to take on the world. From home to school and back again, she conquers the Mountain of Knowledge (the library), forges new bridges (friendships), and leads the victorious charge home on her steed (the school bus). With bright illustrations, I Will Be Fierce! is a powerful picture book about courage, confidence, and kindness. ~ Diverse – Preschool

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The Adventures of Pili in New York
by Kike Calvo

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Follow Pili as she travels the world from New York City to the Colombian rainforest with her dad, National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo. The Adventures of Pili in New York is the first book in a bilingual series about Pili’s adventures. The Little Explorer, Big World series tackles the concepts of cultural diversity and empowerment, global readiness and peace, entrepreneurship and climate change. ~ Hispanic – Preschool

Mommy Sayang
by Rosana Sullivan

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Little Aleeya loves to ask her mum if she will always be by her side, and Mommy always assures her that she will, Insh’Allah. But one day, Mommy becomes sick and Aleeya realizes she can always be by Mommy’s side. With a hibiscus flower in hand, Aleeya goes to Mommy’s bedside to bring her love and hope. Set in Malaysia, Mommy Sayang is a touching story about the strong bond between a mother and her daughter. ~ Asian – Preschool

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Going Down Home with Daddy
by Kelly Starling Lyons

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Down home is Granny’s house where Lil’ Alan and his parents and sister will join their extended family for reunion day. They hear stories of the ancestors and pay tribute to the land that has meant so much to all of them. All the kids have to decide on what tribute to share, but what will Lil’ Alan do?  With expressive illustrations and a moving storyline, Going Down Home With Daddy is a stunning celebration of family, culture, and traditions. ~ African – Preschool

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Fresh Princess
by Denene Millner

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Destiny is a cool, energetic, and strong-willed girl who approaches every day with her own unique style. That is until she moves to a brand-new neighbourhood, where nothing looks quite the same as it did at her old house. But with the support of her family, she is prepared to tackle this new challenge. Inspired by The Fresh Prince created by Will Smith, Fresh Princess is a fun read that encourages kids to proudly stand out and be themselves. ~ African – Preschool

Fearsome Giant, Fearless Child: A Worldwide Jack and the Beanstalk Story
by Paul Fleischman

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Fearsome Giant, Fearless Child is a unique retelling of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Newberry Medal winner Paul Fleischman combines elements of this story from different traditions and countries to create one narrative, one complete picture of a small child’s triumph. ~ Diverse – Preschool

Nine Months: Before a Baby Is Born
by Miranda Paul

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

A soon-to-be big sister and her parents wait for the arrival of a new baby, from a frosty wintery through a sun-dappled summer until the birth. With meticulously detailed, actual size illustrations, and lyrical yet informative text, Nine Months is a beautiful book, perfect for young children who are awaiting the birth of a sibling. ~ Asian – Preschool

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Grandpa’s Stories
by Joseph Coelho

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

A little girl has to say good-bye to her beloved Grandpa. She recalls al the happy times they had together and wants to find a way to honour him. So she decides to record her Grandpa stories in the notebook he made for her and carry Grandpa with her as she grows. Grandpa’s Stories is a touching lyrical story about love and loss. ~ African – Preschool

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What Does It Mean to Be American?
by Rana DiOrio & Elad Yoran

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

What does it mean to be American? Does it mean you like apple pie, fast food or fireworks? With engaging text and illustrations, this wonderful picture book provides an inclusive perspective of what it means to be American. A great starting point for meaningful conversations about a complex topic! ~ Diverse – Preschool, Elementary School

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Elementary School

Sweet Dreams, Sarah
by Vivian Kirkfield

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

After the abolition of slavery, Sarah E. Goode opened her own furniture. She soon recognized the need for multifunctional furniture for her poorer customers who didn’t have much space. With hard work and determination, Sarah succeeded in inventing her unique cupboard bed and getting it patented. Sweet Dreams, Sarah is the inspiring story of one of the first African-American women to get a U.S. patent. ~ African – Elementary School

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Birth of the Cool: How Jazz Great Miles Davis Found His Sound

by Kathleen Cornell Berman
New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

“Miles can’t sleep. / Taps his toes, / snaps his fingers, / can’t stop thinking of ways / to make music his own.” Birth of the Cool explores the childhood and early career of Miles Davis as he finds his voice and shapes a new musical sound. With rhythmic free verse and evocative illustrations, this fascinating glimpse into the jazz legend’s life will captivate young music lovers. ~ African – Elementary School

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If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon
by Joyce Lapin

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

How cool would it be if you had your birthday party on the moon? Follow a diverse bunch of kids on an extraterrestrial celebration as they celebrate for a day that lasts as long as a month on Earth. If You Had Your Birthday Party On The Moon teaches kids about outer space in a unique and entertaining way. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

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The Mominator
by Julie Boye

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

They may be covered in baby drool, cheering on the sidelines at the top of their lungs, or blubbering messes over the first day of school, but moms have superpowers. They heal hurts, support the biggest dreams (and dreamers), and teach even the fanciest basketball moves. The Mominator is the perfect picture book to celebrate moms on Mother’s Day and every day throughout the year. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

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La Luna Mango (Spanish Edition)
by Diane de Anda

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

When her father is taken away and faces deportation, Maricela and her family are left to deal with the grief, uncertainty and challenges ahead. But Maricela learns that her love for her father is sustained even though he is no longer part of her daily life. With expressive illustrations, La Luna Mango is a touching picture book about family, loss and grief. ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

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Mahatma Gandhi (Little People, BIG DREAMS)
by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

The latest in the Little People, Big Dreams series, Mahatma Gandhi explores the life of the iconic peace activist. As a young teenager in India, Gandhi led a rebellious life and went against his parents’ values. But later he started to form his own beliefs based on the Hindu principles of his childhood. Gandhi dreamed of unity for all peoples and religions and led peaceful protests to free India from British rule. With innovative illustrations and extra facts at the back, this empowering series celebrates the important life stories of wonderful people of the world. ~ Asian – Elementary School

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Be Bold! Be Brave! 11 Latinas who made U.S. History 

by Naibe Reynoso
New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Be Bold! Be Brave! is a bilingual picture book that highlights 11 Latinas who excelled in various fields including medicine, science, sports, art and politics. With bright illustration and rhyming verse, young readers will find it easy follow the success stories of these amazing women, from Ellen Ochoa (first Latina to go to space) to Sonia Sotomayor (first Latina Supreme Court Justice,) and Pura Belpré (first Latina to promote bilingual literacy in Public Libraries). ~ Hispanic – Elementary School

Pura Belpré Award-Winning Books: Pura Belpré Award Winners 1996 – 2019

Sisters: Venus & Serena Williams
by Jeanette Winter

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Before they were famous tennis stars, Venus and Serena Williams were sisters with big dreams growing up in Compton, California. In the early mornings, they head to the tennis courts, clean up debris, and practice. They compete in their first tournament and they both win. Sisters is an inspiring picture book about two of the greatest tennis players of all time who followed their dream despite adversity and health challenges. ~ African – Elementary School

The Undefeated
by Kwame Alexander

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

This beautiful poem by Newbery Award-winning author Kwame Alexander is an ode to Black American triumph and tribulation, from the unspeakable trauma of slavery, the faith and fire of the civil rights movement, and the grit, passion, and perseverance of some of the world’s greatest heroes. With stunning illustrations by Kadir Nelson and text peppered with references to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, and others, The Undefeated celebrates the accomplishments, endurance and spirit of Black Americans. ~ African – Elementary School

Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution
by Rob Sanders

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising with the very first picture book about this important event in the gay civil rights movement! In the early-morning hours of June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn was raided by police in New York City. Though the inn had been raided before, that night would be different. It would be the night when empowered members of the LGBTQ+ community began to protest and demand their equal rights as citizens of the United States. With engaging text and powerful illustrations, Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution. is the first picture book about this important milestone in the gay civil rights movement. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

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The Chupacabras of the Río Grande (The Unicorn Rescue Society)
by Adam Gidwitz & David Bowles

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

The 4th book in the Unicorn Rescue Society series follows Elliot and Uchenna as they’re headed to Laredo on the U.S.-Mexican border to help another mythical creature in need: the chupacabras. Teaming up with a local family, the kids try to not only keep the chupacabras safe but also bring a divided community together once more. The Chupacabras of the Río Grande is an engaging, light-hearted read that fans will love. ~ Diverse – Elementary School

Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants
by Andrea Beaty


If you loved the bestselling picture books starring Ada Twist, Rosie Revere, and Iggy Peck, you’ll be happy to hear that there is also a chapter book series starring the adorable gang of little scientists, also known as The Questioneers. The second book in the series, Ada Twist and the Perilous Pants follows the friends as they solve a mystery in Ada’s backyard. ~ African – Elementary School

Also available: Ada Twist’s Big Project Book for Stellar Scientists

And we’re so in love with this cute Ada Twist doll!!

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Middle School

Kazu Jones and the Denver Dognappers
by Shauna Holyoak

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

When a string of dognappings grips her Denver neighbourhood, spunky Kazu Jones sets out to track down the culprits with the help of her gang, including her best friend and expert hacker, March; and her ginormous, socially anxious pup, Genki. With a diverse cast of characters and a suspenseful storyline, Kazu Jones and the Denver Dogsnappers is the first instalment in a new series. ~ Diverse – Middle School

by Elise Allan

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

Generations ago, twins, black cats, and other potentially magical beings were outlawed in the kingdom of Kaloon. So from birth, twins Flissa and Sara had to pretend to be one princess, Flissara. But when a magical attack puts their mother’s life in danger, the girls must break the rules that have protected them to save her. They set off on an epic quest to the Twists-a forbidden place full of dark magic-to find the evil mage who cursed the queen. The first book in a new series, Twinchantment brings to life a fantastical world of sisterhood, adventure, and incredible twists. ~ African – Middle School

Aru Shah and the Song of Death
by Roshani Chokshi

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

In this sequel to Aru Shah and the End of Time, the god of love’s bow and arrow have gone missing, and the thief is turning people into heartless fighting-machine zombies. Aru gets framed as the thief and will be kicked out of the Otherworld if she doesn’t find the arrow by the next full moon. Together with her soul-sister Mini, ultra-strong Brynne, and Aiden from across the street, she sets out to find the thief and discovers that the enemy isn’t who they expected. Aru Shah and the Song of Death is a compelling fantasy novel that will leave fans enthralled. ~ Asian – Middle School

Enemy Child: The Story of Norman Mineta
by Andrea Warren

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

When Japanese forces attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, 10-year-old Norman Mineta’s world is turned upside down. His family is forced by the government to leave everything behind in California and move to an isolated internment camp. Meticulously researched and informed by extensive interviews with Mineta himself, Enemy Child sheds light on a little-known subject of American history in this deeply personal account of a boy who rose from “enemy child” to a distinguished American statesman. ~ Asian – Middle School

The Last Last-Day-of-Summer
by Lamar Giles

Otto and Sheed are two adventurous cousins and masters of unravelling mischief in their zany Virginia town. As the summer winds down and the first day of school looms, the boys accidentally freeze time and have to save their town before time stops for good. The Last Last-Day-of-Summer is a fast-paced and humorous book that is bound to become an instant classic. ~ African – Middle School

It’s Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood
by Trevor Noah

New Multicultural Children's Books April 2019

In this young readers’ adaptation of his bestselling adult memoir Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, Trevor Noah tells his story of growing up in South Africa under and after apartheid. Born to a black South African mother and a white European father at a time when it was against the law for a mixed-race child like him to exist, the host of The Daily Show used his keen smarts and humour to navigate a harsh life under a racist government. Born A Crime is a compelling memoir that will inspire young readers everywhere. ~ African – Middle School, High School

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